NAICS Code 238142 - Nonresidential Masonry Contractors

NAICS Code 238142 Description

This BLS industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in nonresidential masonry work, stone setting, brick laying, and other stone work. The nonresidential work performed may include new work, additions, alterations, maintenance, and repairs.

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NAICS Code 238142 - Nonresidential Masonry Contractors is a final level code of the “Construction” Sector.

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Industry Examples of NAICS 238142

Common types of examples within NAICS Code 238142 - Nonresidential Masonry Contractors are:

  • Brick veneer, installation, nonresidential
  • Bricklaying contractors, nonresidential
  • Cement block laying, nonresidential
  • Chimney, brick, block or stone, contractors, nonresidential
  • Cinder block installation, nonresidential
  • Concrete block laying, nonresidential
  • Field stone (i.e., masonry) installation, nonresidential
  • Fireplace, masonry, installation, nonresidential
  • Foundation (e.g., brick, block, stone), building, contractors, nonresidential
  • Glass block laying, nonresidential
  • Glass unit (i.e., glass block) masonry, nonresidential
  • Granite, exterior, contractors, nonresidential
  • Marble, granite and slate, exterior, contractors, nonresidential
  • Masonry contractors, nonresidential
  • Masonry pointing, cleaning or caulking, nonresidential
  • Refractory brick contractors, nonresidential
  • Retaining wall, masonry (i.e., block, brick, stone), construction, nonresidential
  • Slate (i.e., masonry) contractors, nonresidential
  • Stonework (i.e., masonry) contractors, nonresidential
  • Stucco contractors, nonresidential
  • Tuck pointing contractors, nonresidential


For some business types, there may be a similar industry to NAICS Code 238142 - Nonresidential Masonry Contractors that is a better classification match. Establishments primarily engaged in:

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