ISIC Code 4100 - Construction Of Buildings


This class includes the construction of complete residential or non-residential buildings, on own account for sale or on a fee or contract basis. Outsourcing parts or even the whole construction process is possible. If only specialized parts of the construction process are carried out, the activity is classified in ISIC Code - 43.

This class includes:

  • Construction of all types of residential buildings:
    • Single-family houses
    • Multi-family buildings, including high-rise buildings
  • Construction of all types of non-residential buildings:
    • Buildings for industrial production, e.g. factories, workshops, assembly plants etc.
    • Hospitals, schools, office buildings
    • Hotels, stores, shopping malls, restaurants
    • Airport buildings
    • Indoor sports facilities
    • Parking garages, including underground parking garages
    • Warehouses
    • Religious buildings
  • Assembly and erection of prefabricated constructions on the site
  • Remodeling or renovating existing residential structures


This class excludes:

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