SIC Code 5162 Plastics Materials and Basic Forms and Shapes


Wholesale Trade


Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of plastics materials, and of unsupported plastics film, sheets, sheeting, rods, tubes, and other basic forms and shapes.

Illustrative Examples

Plastics basic shapes-wholesale, Plastics film-wholesale, Plastics materials-wholesale, Plastics resins-wholesale, Plastics sheet and rods-wholesale, Resins synthetic-wholesale

Sample Business Listings

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 516201Plastics-reinforced (wholesale)
  • 516202Plastics-products-finished Wholesale
  • 516203Plastics-rods, Tubes, Sheets Etc Wholesale
  • 516204Credit Cards-plastic Metal Etc-distr
  • 516205Laminations-plastic Paper Etc Wholesale
  • 516206Plastic Molders Wholesale
  • 516207Plastics-raw Mtrls-powders Liquid-whol
  • 516208Plastics-fabrctng,fnshng,decor Wholesale
  • 516209Vinyl Wholesale
  • 516210Pipe-plastic Wholesale
  • 516213Linings-bag Barrel & Etc (wholesale)

7-digit SIC

  • 5162001Plastics-products-finished Wholesale
  • 5162002Plastics Products Wholesale Nec
  • 5162003Plastics Materials Wholesale Nec
  • 5162004Plastics Sheets & Rods Wholesale
  • 5162005Plastics Resins Wholesale
  • 5162006Plastics Film Wholesale
  • 5162007Resins Wholesale
  • 5162008Basic Plastic Shapes Wholesale
  • 5162009Resins, Synthetic
  • 5162010Plastics-reinforced Wholesale
  • 5162011Plastics-rods, Tubes, Sheets Etc Wholesale
  • 5162012Credit Cards-plastic Metal Etc-distribution
  • 5162013Laminations-plastic Paper Etc Wholesale
  • 5162014Plastic Molders Wholesale
  • 5162015Plastics-raw Materials-powders Liquid Wholesale
  • 5162016Plastics-fabricating, Finishing, Decorative Wholesale
  • 5162017Vinyl Wholesale
  • 5162018Pipe-plastic Wholesale
  • 5162019Linings-bag Barrel Wholesale

8-digit SIC

  • 51620000Plastics Materials And Basic Shapes
  • 51620100Resins
  • 51620101Plastics Resins
  • 51620102Resins, Synthetic
  • 51629901Plastics Basic Shapes
  • 51629902Plastics Film
  • 51629903Plastics Materials, Nec
  • 51629904Plastics Products, Nec
  • 51629905Plastics Sheets And Rods