SIC Code 4925 Mixed, Manufactured, or Liquefied Petroleum Gas Production and/or Distribution


Transportation & Public Utilities


Establishments engaged in the manufacture and/or distribution of gas for sale, including mixtures of manufactured with natural gas.

Cross References

Establishments distributing liquefied petroleum (LP) gas in steel containers are classified in Retail Trade, Industry 5984.

Illustrative Examples

  • Blue gas
  • carbureted: production and distribution, Coke oven gasproduction and distribution, Coke ovensby-product: operated for manufacture or distribution of, Gasmixed natural and manufactured: production and distribution, Liquefied petroleum (LP) gasdistribution through mains, Manufactured gas production and distribution, Synthetic natural gas from naphthaproduction and distribution

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 492501Gas Companies
  • 492502Gas Processors
  • 492503Gas Producers
  • 492504Gas Recycling Plants
  • 492505Propane-bulk & Bottle-delivery

7-digit SIC

  • 4925001Gas Producers
  • 4925002Mixed Natural & Manufactured Gas (except Petroleum)
  • 4925003Blue Gas-carbureted-production & Distribution
  • 4925004Coke Oven Gas, Production & Distribution
  • 4925005Coke Ovens-byproduct-manufacturing Or Distribution Of Gas
  • 4925006Gas-mixed, Natural & Manufactured
  • 4925007Manufactured Gas, Production & Distribution
  • 4925008Mixed Natural & Manufactured Gas, Distribution
  • 4925009Synthetic Natural Gas From Naphtha
  • 4925010Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Distribution Through Mains
  • 4925011Gas Processors
  • 4925012Gas Recycling Plants
  • 4925013Propane-bulk & Bottle-delivery

8-digit SIC

  • 49250000Gas Production And/or Distribution
  • 49250100Mixed Natural And Manufactured Gas, Except Petroleum
  • 49250101Blue Gas, Carbureted: Production And Distribution
  • 49250102Coke Oven Gas, Production And Distribution
  • 49250103Coke Ovens, Byproduct: Manufacturing Or Distribution Of Gas
  • 49250104Gas: Mixed, Natural And Manufactured
  • 49250105Manufactured Gas, Production And Distribution
  • 49250106Mixed Natural And Manufactured Gas, Distribution
  • 49250107Synthetic Natural Gas From Naphtha
  • 49259901Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Distribution Through Mains
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Industry Report Sample

Total Companies:6234

Est. Employment:148532