SIC Code 4822 Telegraph and other Message Communications


Transportation & Public Utilities


Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing telegraph and other nonvocal message communications services, such as cablegram, electronic mail, and facsimile transmission services.

Illustrative Examples

Cablegram services, Electronic mail services, Facsimile transmission services, Mailgram services, Photograph transmission services, Radio telegraph services, Telegram services, Telegraph cable services, Telegraph services, Teletypewriter services, Telex services

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 482201Facsimile Transmission Service
  • 482202Telegraph Service
  • 482203Electronic Mail Service
  • 482204Teletypewriter Communications Service
  • 482205Telegram Service
  • 482206Video Conferencing

7-digit SIC

  • 4822001Telegraph & Other Communications
  • 4822002Facsimile Transmission Services
  • 4822003Teletypewriter Communications Services
  • 4822004Telegraph Services
  • 4822005Electronic Mail Services
  • 4822006Cable, Telegram & Telex Services
  • 4822007Photographic Message Services
  • 4822008Photograph Transmission Services
  • 4822009Video Conferencing
  • 4822010Telephoto Services
  • 4822011Cablegram Services
  • 4822012Mailgram Services
  • 4822013Radio Telegraph Services
  • 4822014Telegram Services
  • 4822015Telegraph Cable Services , Land Or Submarine
  • 4822016Telex Services
  • 4822017Nonvocal Message Communications
  • 4822018Stock Ticker Services
  • 4822019Transradio Press Services

8-digit SIC

  • 48220000Telegraph And Other Communications
  • 48220100Photographic Message Services
  • 48220101Photograph Transmission Services
  • 48220102Telephoto Services
  • 48220200Cable, Telegram, And Telex Services
  • 48220201Cablegram Service
  • 48220202Mailgram Services
  • 48220203Radio Telegraph Services
  • 48220204Telegram Services
  • 48220205Telegraph Cable Services, Land Or Submarine
  • 48220206Telegraph Services
  • 48220207Teletypewriter Services
  • 48220208Telex Services
  • 48229901Electronic Mail
  • 48229902Facsimile Transmission Services
  • 48229903Nonvocal Message Communications
  • 48229904Stock Ticker Service
  • 48229905Transradio Press Service
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Est. Employment:5725