SIC Code 3679 Electronic Components, not elsewhere classified




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electronic components, not elsewhere classified, such as receiving antennas, switches, and waveguides.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing radio and television transmitting antennas are classified in Industry 3663.

Illustrative Examples

  • Antennas, receiving: automobile, home, and portable
  • Antennas, satellite: home typeAttenuatorsCommutators, electronicCores, magneticCryogenic cooling devices (e.g., cryostats) for infrared detectors andCrystals and crystal assemblies, radioDelay linesHarness assemblies for electronic use: wire and cableHeadphones, radioHeads, recording for speech and musical equipmentHermetic seals for electronic equipmentImpedance conversion units, high frequencyLiquid crystal displaysLoads, electronicMicrowave componentsOscillators, except laboratory typeParametric amplifiersPassive repeatersPhonograph needle cartridgesPhonograph needlesPiezoelectric crystalsPower supplies, static, and variable frequencyPulse forming networksQuartz crystals for electronic applicationRecording and playback heads, magneticRecording heads for speech and musical equipmentRectifiers, electronic: except solid-stateResonant reed devices, electronicRheostats, electronicSockets, electronic tubeSolenoids for electronic applicationsStatic power supply converters for electronic applicationsStep positioners for transmitting equipmentStyli, phonograph record cuttingSwitches, electronicSwitches, steppingTransducers for use in measuring and testing instruments andTube retainers, electronicTube spacers, micaTube transformer assemblies used in firing electronic tubesVideo triggers, except remote control television devicesVoice controlsWaveguides and fittings

USA List Sample

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 367901Electronic Equipment &supplies Mfg
  • 367903Quartz (manufacturers)
  • 367904Antennas-manufacturers
  • 367905Electronic Instruments-manufacturers
  • 367906Electronic Power Supplies-manufacturers
  • 367907Rectifiers (manufacturers)
  • 367908Transducers (manufacturers)
  • 367909Satellite Dish-manufacturers
  • 367910Seals-hermetic-manufacturers
  • 367911Television Antenna Systems-manufacturers
  • 367912Crystal Quartz (manufacturers)

7-digit SIC

  • 3679001Electronic Equipment &supplies Mfg
  • 3679002Electronic Circuits
  • 3679003Harness Assemblies
  • 3679004Microwave Components
  • 3679005Static Power Supplies
  • 3679006Electronic Switches
  • 3679007Antennas, Satellite-household Use
  • 3679008Electronic Power Supplies Mfg
  • 3679009Recording & Playback Apparatus
  • 3679010Liquid Crystal Displays
  • 3679011Attenuators
  • 3679012Quartz Mfg
  • 3679013Commutators, Electronic
  • 3679014Delay Lines
  • 3679015Electronic Instruments Mfg
  • 3679016Satellite Dish Mfg
  • 3679017Impedance Conversion Units, High Frequency
  • 3679018Television Antenna Systems Mfg
  • 3679019Passive Repeaters
  • 3679020Pulse Forming Networks
  • 3679021Rectifiers Mfg
  • 3679022Rheostats, For Electronic End Products
  • 3679023Solenoids For Electronic Applications
  • 3679024Transducers Mfg
  • 3679025Waveguides & Fittings
  • 3679026Phonograph Needle Cartridges
  • 3679027Phonograph Needles
  • 3679028Recording & Playback Heads, Magnetic
  • 3679029Recording Heads, Speech & Musical Equipment
  • 3679030Loads, Electronic
  • 3679031Oscillators
  • 3679032Static Power Supply Converters For Electronic Applications
  • 3679033Electronic Crystals
  • 3679034Crystals & Crystal Assemblies, Radio
  • 3679035Piezoelectric Crystals
  • 3679036Crystal Quartz Mfg
  • 3679037Step Positioners, For Transmitting Equipment
  • 3679038Switches, Stepping
  • 3679039Video Triggers (except Remote Control Tv Devices)
  • 3679040Antennas Mfg
  • 3679041Cores, Magnetic
  • 3679042Cryogenic Cooling Devices For Infrared Detectors, Masers
  • 3679043Headphones, Radio
  • 3679044Seals-hermetic Mfg
  • 3679045Parametric Amplifiers
  • 3679046Resonant Reed Devices, Electronic
  • 3679047Sockets, Electronic Tube
  • 3679048Tube Retainers, Electronic
  • 3679049Tube Spacers, Mica
  • 3679050Tube Transformer Assemblies Used In Firing Electronic Tubes
  • 3679051Voice Controls

8-digit SIC

  • 36790000Electronic Components, Nec
  • 36790100Electronic Circuits
  • 36790101Attenuators
  • 36790102Commutators, Electronic
  • 36790103Delay Lines
  • 36790104Impedance Conversion Units, High Frequency
  • 36790105Microwave Components
  • 36790106Passive Repeaters
  • 36790107Pulse Forming Networks
  • 36790108Rectifiers, Electronic
  • 36790109Rheostats, For Electronic End Products
  • 36790110Solenoids For Electronic Applications
  • 36790111Transducers, Electrical
  • 36790112Waveguides And Fittings
  • 36790200Recording And Playback Apparatus, Including Phonograph
  • 36790201Phonograph Needle Cartridges
  • 36790202Phonograph Needles
  • 36790203Recording And Playback Heads, Magnetic
  • 36790204Recording Heads, Speech And Musical Equipment
  • 36790300Electronic Loads And Power Supplies
  • 36790301Loads, Electronic
  • 36790302Oscillators
  • 36790303Power Supplies, All Types: Static
  • 36790304Static Power Supply Converters For Electronic Applications
  • 36790400Electronic Crystals
  • 36790401Crystals And Crystal Assemblies, Radio
  • 36790402Piezoelectric Crystals
  • 36790403Quartz Crystals, For Electronic Application
  • 36790500Electronic Switches
  • 36790501Step Positioners, For Transmitting Equipment
  • 36790502Switches, Stepping
  • 36790503Video Triggers, Except Remote Control Tv Devices
  • 36799901Antennas, Receiving
  • 36799902Antennas, Satellite: Household Use
  • 36799903Cores, Magnetic
  • 36799904Cryogenic Cooling Devices For Infrared Detectors, Masers
  • 36799905Harness Assemblies, For Electronic Use: Wire Or Cable
  • 36799906Headphones, Radio
  • 36799907Hermetic Seals, For Electronic Equipment
  • 36799908Liquid Crystal Displays (lcd)
  • 36799909Parametric Amplifiers
  • 36799910Resonant Reed Devices, Electronic
  • 36799911Sockets, Electronic Tube
  • 36799912Tube Retainers, Electronic
  • 36799913Tube Spacers, Mica
  • 36799914Tube Transformer Assemblies Used In Firing Electronic Tubes
  • 36799915Voice Controls