SIC Code 3674 Semiconductors and Related Devices




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing semiconductors and related solid- state devices. Important products of this industry are semiconductor diodes and stacks, including rectifiers, integrated microcircuits (semiconductor networks), transistors, solar cells, and light sensing and emitting semi-conductor (solid-state) devices.

Illustrative Examples

  • Computer logic modules
  • Controlled rectifiers, solid-stateDiodes, solid state (germanium, silicon, etc.)Fuel cells, solid-stateGunn effect devicesHall effect devicesHybrid integrated circuitsInfrared sensors, solid-stateLaser diodesLight emitting diodesLight sensitive devices, solid-stateMagnetic bubble memory deviceMagnetohydrodynamic (MHD) devicesMemories, solid-stateMetal oxide silicon (MOS) devicesMicrocircuits, integrated (semiconductor)MicroprocessorsModules, solid-stateMolecular devices, solid-stateMonolithic integrated circuits (solid-state)Optical isolatorsParametric diodesPhotoconductive cellsPhotoelectric cells, solid-state (electronic eye)Photoelectric magnetic devicesPhotovoltaic devices, solid-stateRandom access memories (RAMS)Read only memories (ROMS)Rectifiers, solid-stateSchottky diodesSemiconductor circuit networks (solid state integrated circuits)Semiconductor devicesSilicon wafers, chemically dopedSolar cellsSolid-state electronic devicesStrain gages, solid-stateStud bases or mounts for semiconductor devicesSwitches, silicon controlThermionic devices, solid-stateThermoelectric devices, solid-stareThin film circuitsThyristorsTransistorsTunnel diodesUltraviolet sensors, solid stateVariable capacitance diodesWafers (semiconductor devices)Zener diodes

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 367401Semiconductor Devices (manufacturers)
  • 367402Thermoelectric Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 367403Microprocessors-manufacturers
  • 367405Fuel Cells (mfrs)
  • 367498Semiconductors & Related Devices (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 3674001Semiconductors & Related Devices Mfg
  • 3674002Semiconductor Networks Integrated Circuits
  • 3674003Solar Cells
  • 3674004Integrated Microcircuits
  • 3674005Semiconductor Devices Mfg
  • 3674006Controlled Rectifiers, Solid State
  • 3674007Diodes-solid State
  • 3674008Light Emitting Diodes
  • 3674009Rectifiers, Solid State
  • 3674010Thrystors
  • 3674011Zener Diodes
  • 3674012Computer Logic Modules
  • 3674013Hybrid Integrated Circuits
  • 3674014Magnetic Bubble Memory Device
  • 3674015Memories, Solid State
  • 3674016Metal Oxide Silicon Devices
  • 3674017Microprocessors Mfg
  • 3674018Monolithic Integrated Circuits-solid State
  • 3674019Random Access Memory
  • 3674020Read-only Memory
  • 3674021Semiconductor Circuit Networks
  • 3674022Thin Film Circuits
  • 3674023Wafers
  • 3674024Light Sensitive Devices
  • 3674025Light Sensitive Devices, Solid State
  • 3674026Photoelectric Cells
  • 3674027Photoelectric Magnetic Devices
  • 3674028Photovoltaic Devices, Solid State
  • 3674029Radiation Sensors
  • 3674030Infrared Sensors, Solid State
  • 3674031Ultra-violet Sensors, Solid State
  • 3674032Fuel Cells Mfg
  • 3674033Gunn Effect Devices
  • 3674034Hall Effect Devices
  • 3674035Magnetohydrodynamic Devices
  • 3674036Modules, Solid State
  • 3674037Molecular Devices, Solid State
  • 3674038Nuclear Detectors, Solid State
  • 3674039Optical Isolators
  • 3674040Silicon Wafers, Chemically Doped
  • 3674041Solid State Electronic Devices Nec
  • 3674042Strain Gages, Solid State
  • 3674043Stud Bases Or Mounts For Semiconductor Devices
  • 3674044Switches, Silicon Control
  • 3674045Thermoelectric Equipment Mfg
  • 3674046Transistors

8-digit SIC

  • 36740000Semiconductors And Related Devices
  • 36740100Semiconductor Diodes And Rectifiers
  • 36740101Controlled Rectifiers, Solid State
  • 36740102Diodes, Solid State (germanium, Silicon, Etc.)
  • 36740103Light Emitting Diodes
  • 36740105Rectifiers, Solid State
  • 36740107Thrystors
  • 36740110Zener Diodes
  • 36740200Integrated Circuits, Semiconductor Networks, Etc.
  • 36740201Computer Logic Modules
  • 36740202Hybrid Integrated Circuits
  • 36740203Magnetic Bubble Memory Device
  • 36740204Memories, Solid State
  • 36740205Metal Oxide Silicon (mos) Devices
  • 36740206Microcircuits, Integrated (semiconductor)
  • 36740207Microprocessors
  • 36740208Monolithic Integrated Circuits (solid State)
  • 36740209Random Access Memory (ram)
  • 36740210Read-only Memory (rom)
  • 36740211Semiconductor Circuit Networks
  • 36740212Thin Film Circuits
  • 36740213Wafers (semiconductor Devices)
  • 36740300Light Sensitive Devices
  • 36740301Light Sensitive Devices, Solid State
  • 36740303Photoelectric Cells, Solid State (electronic Eye)
  • 36740304Photoelectric Magnetic Devices
  • 36740305Photovoltaic Devices, Solid State
  • 36740306Solar Cells
  • 36740400Radiation Sensors
  • 36740401Infrared Sensors, Solid State
  • 36740402Ultra-violet Sensors, Solid State
  • 36749901Fuel Cells, Solid State
  • 36749902Gunn Effect Devices
  • 36749903Hall Effect Devices
  • 36749904Magnetohydrodynamic (mhd) Devices
  • 36749905Modules, Solid State
  • 36749906Molecular Devices, Solid State
  • 36749907Nuclear Detectors, Solid State
  • 36749908Optical Isolators
  • 36749909Silicon Wafers, Chemically Doped
  • 36749910Solid State Electronic Devices, Nec
  • 36749911Strain Gages, Solid State
  • 36749912Stud Bases Or Mounts For Semiconductor Devices
  • 36749913Switches, Silicon Control
  • 36749915Thermoelectric Devices, Solid State
  • 36749916Transistors
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