SIC Code 3644 Noncurrent-Carrying Wiring Devices




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing noncurrent-carrying wiring devices. Important products of this industry include conduits and fittings; electrical insulators, except porcelain and other ceramic insulators and glass insulators; outlet, switch, and fuse boxes; and pole line hardware. Boxes, electric wiring: junction, outlet, switch, and fuse Conduits and fittings, electrical Face plates (wiring devices) Insulators, electrical: except glass and ceramic Pole line hardware Raceways Snubbers for CATV systems

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing ceramic insulating are classified in Industry 3264, and those manufacturing glass insulators are classified in Industry 3229.

Illustrative Examples

  • Boxes, electric wiring: junction, outlet, switch, and fuse
  • Conduits and fittings, electricalFace plates (wiring devices)Insulators, electrical: except glass and ceramicPole line hardwareRacewaysSnubbers for CATV systems

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 364401Fittings-industrial (manufacturers)
  • 364498Noncurrent-carrying Wiring Devices (mfr)

7-digit SIC

  • 3644001Noncurrent-carrying Wiring Devices Mfg
  • 3644002Raceways
  • 3644003Electrical Insulators & Insulation Materials
  • 3644004Electric Conduits & Fittings
  • 3644005Fittings-industrial Mfg
  • 3644006Electric Outlet, Switch & Fuse Boxes
  • 3644007Fuse Boxes, Electric
  • 3644008Junction Boxes, Electric
  • 3644009Outlet Boxes
  • 3644010Switch Boxes, Electric
  • 3644011Face Plates
  • 3644012Terminal Boards
  • 3644013Fish Wire
  • 3644014Pole Line Hardware
  • 3644015Scrubbers For Cat Systems

8-digit SIC

  • 36440000Noncurrent-carrying Wiring Devices
  • 36440100Electric Outlet, Switch, And Fuse Boxes
  • 36440101Fuse Boxes, Electric
  • 36440102Junction Boxes, Electric
  • 36440103Outlet Boxes (electric Wiring Devices)
  • 36440104Switch Boxes, Electric
  • 36440200Electric Conduits And Fittings
  • 36440201Face Plates (wiring Devices)
  • 36440202Raceways
  • 36440203Terminal Boards
  • 36449901Fish Wire (electrical Wiring Tool)
  • 36449902Insulators And Insulation Materials, Electrical
  • 36449903Pole Line Hardware
  • 36449904Scrubbers For Catv Systems