SIC Code 3643 Current-Carrying Wiring Devices




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing current-carrying wiring devices.

Illustrative Examples

  • Bus bars (electrical conductors)
  • Caps and plugs, attachment: electricConnectors and terminals for electrical devicesContacts, electrical: except carbon and graphiteConvenience outlets, electricCord connectors, electricCurrent taps, attachment plug and screw shell typesCutouts, switch and fuseDial light sockets, radioFluorescent startersFuse cutoutsGround clamps (electric wiring devices)Lamp sockets and receptacles (electric wiring devices)Lightning arrestors and coilsLightning protection equipmentPlugs, electricRail bonds, electric: for propulsion and signal circuitsSnap switches, (electric wiring devices)Sockets, electricSolderless connectors (electric wiring devices)Starting switches, fluorescent lampSwitch cutoutsSwitches for electric wiring: e.g., snap, tumbler, pressure push-buttonTrolley line material, overhead

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 364301Connectors-electric-manufacturers
  • 364302Lightning Protection Equipment Mfg
  • 364303Contacts & Precious Metals (mfrs)
  • 364304Contact Points (manufacturers)
  • 364305Lugs & Terminals-electrical (mfrs)
  • 364306Anodes-manufacturers
  • 364307Terminals-phosphate (manufacturers)
  • 364308Electrical Contacts Rebuilding (mfrs)
  • 364398Current-carrying Wiring Devices (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 3643001Current-carrying Wiring Devices Mfg
  • 3643002Connectors & Terminals For Electrical Devices
  • 3643003Connectors Electric Mfg
  • 3643004Lighting Protection Equipment
  • 3643005Electric Switches
  • 3643006Power Line Cable
  • 3643007Lightning Protection Equipment Mfg
  • 3643008Power Outlets & Sockets
  • 3643009Contacts & Precious Metals Mfg
  • 3643010Current Taps, Attachment Plug & Screw Shell Types
  • 3643011Contact Points Mfg
  • 3643012Dial Light Sockets, Radio
  • 3643013Lugs & Terminals-electrical Mfg
  • 3643014Lamp Sockets & Receptacles
  • 3643015Anodes Mfg
  • 3643016Outlets-electric-convenience
  • 3643017Terminals-phosphate Mfg
  • 3643018Sockets, Electric
  • 3643019Electrical Contacts Rebuilding Mfg
  • 3643020Bus Bars-electrical Conductors
  • 3643021Cutouts, Switch & Fuse
  • 3643022Starting Switches, Fluorescent
  • 3643023Caps & Plugs-electric-attachment
  • 3643024Contacts, Electrical
  • 3643025Cord Connectors, Electric
  • 3643026Plugs, Electric
  • 3643027Solderless Connectors
  • 3643028Fluorescent Starters
  • 3643029Ground Clamps
  • 3643030Lightning Arrestors & Coils
  • 3643031Rail Bonds-electric-for Propulsion & Signal Circuits

8-digit SIC

  • 36430000Current-carrying Wiring Devices
  • 36430100Power Outlets And Sockets
  • 36430101Current Taps, Attachment Plug And Screw Shell Types
  • 36430102Dial Light Sockets, Radio
  • 36430103Lamp Sockets And Receptacles (electric Wiring Devices)
  • 36430104Outlets, Electric: Convenience
  • 36430105Sockets, Electric
  • 36430200Electric Switches
  • 36430201Bus Bars (electrical Conductors)
  • 36430202Cutouts, Switch And Fuse
  • 36430203Starting Switches, Fluorescent
  • 36430300Electric Connectors
  • 36430301Caps And Plugs, Electric: Attachment
  • 36430302Connectors And Terminals For Electrical Devices
  • 36430303Contacts, Electrical
  • 36430304Cord Connectors, Electric
  • 36430305Plugs, Electric
  • 36430306Solderless Connectors (electric Wiring Devices)
  • 36439901Fluorescent Starters
  • 36439902Ground Clamps (electric Wiring Devices)
  • 36439903Lightning Arrestors And Coils
  • 36439904Lightning Protection Equipment
  • 36439905Rail Bonds, Electric: For Propulsion And Signal Circuits
  • 36439907Power Line Cable
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