SIC Code 3577 Computer Peripheral Equipment, not elsewhere classified




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing computer peripheral equipment, not elsewhere classified, including printers, plotters, and graphic displays.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing modems and other communications interface equipment are classified in Industry 3661.

Illustrative Examples

  • Card punching and sorting machines
  • Card-type conversion equipment, computer peripheral equipmentComputer output to microfilm units, computer peripheral equipmentComputer paper tape punchers and devices, computer peripheralDecoders, computer peripheral equipmentDisk pack inspectors, computer peripheral equipmentDocument entry conversion devices, computer peripheral equipmentGraphic displays, except graphic terminals: computer peripheralInput/output equipment, computer: except terminalsKey-disk or diskette equipment, computer peripheral equipmentKey-tape equipment: reel, cassette, or cartridgeKeying equipment, computer peripheral equipmentKey punch/verify cards, computer peripheral equipmentMagnetic ink recognition devices, computer peripheral equipmentMedia-to media data conversion equipment, computer peripheralOptical scanning devices, computer peripheral equipmentPlotter controllers, computer peripheral equipmentPlotters, computerPrinters, computerPunch card equipment: card readers, tabulators, collators, sorters, andTape cleaners, magnetic: computer peripheral equipmentTape print units, computer peripheral equipment

Market Analysis - Sample Companies

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 357701Computer Supplies & Parts-manufacturers
  • 357702Computer Peripherals (manufacturers)
  • 357704Presentation Graphics (manufacturers)
  • 357705Inks (mfrs)
  • 357706Magnetic Ink Incoding (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 3577001Computer Peripherals Mfg
  • 3577002Computer Data Conversion Equipment
  • 3577003Graphic Displays (except Graphic Terminals)
  • 3577004Bar Code Printers
  • 3577005Optical Scanning Devices
  • 3577006Computer Printer Mfg
  • 3577007Computer Input Output Equipment Mfg
  • 3577008Printers & Plotters
  • 3577009Computer Supplies & Parts Mfg
  • 3577010Presentation Graphics Mfg
  • 3577011Plotters, Computer
  • 3577012Key-tape Equipment (except Drives)
  • 3577013Inks Mfg
  • 3577014Magnetic Ink Incoding Mfg
  • 3577015Paper Tape-computer Equipment, Punches, Readers, Etc
  • 3577016Tape Cleaners-magnetic-computer
  • 3577017Tape Print Units, Computer
  • 3577018Disk & Diskette Equipment (except Drives)
  • 3577019Disk Pack Inspectors
  • 3577020Diskette Or Key-disk Equipment
  • 3577021Keypunch Equipment
  • 3577022Punch Card Equipment-readers, Tabulators, Sorters, Etc
  • 3577023Verifiers, Punch Card
  • 3577024Magnetic Ink & Optical Scanning Devices
  • 3577025Magnetic Ink Recognition Devices
  • 3577026Readers, Sorters Or Inscribers, Magnetic Ink
  • 3577027Computer Output To Microfilm Units
  • 3577028Decoders, Computer Peripheral Equipment
  • 3577029Encoders, Computer Peripheral Equipment
  • 3577030Film Reader Devices

8-digit SIC

  • 35770000Computer Peripheral Equipment, Nec
  • 35770100Printers And Plotters
  • 35770101Plotters, Computer
  • 35770102Printers, Computer
  • 35770200Key-tape Equipment, Except Drives
  • 35770201Paper Tape (computer) Equipment: Punches, Readers, Etc.
  • 35770202Tape Cleaners, Magnetic: Computer
  • 35770203Tape Print Units, Computer
  • 35770300Disk And Diskette Equipment, Except Drives
  • 35770301Disk Pack Inspectors
  • 35770302Diskette Or Key-disk Equipment
  • 35770400Keypunch Equipment
  • 35770401Punch Card Equipment: Readers, Tabulators, Sorters, Etc.
  • 35770402Verifiers, Punch Card
  • 35770500Magnetic Ink And Optical Scanning Devices
  • 35770501Bar Code (magnetic Ink) Printers
  • 35770502Magnetic Ink Recognition Devices
  • 35770503Optical Scanning Devices
  • 35770504Readers, Sorters, Or Inscribers, Magnetic Ink
  • 35779901Computer Output To Microfilm Units
  • 35779902Data Conversion Equipment, Media-to-media: Computer
  • 35779903Decoders, Computer Peripheral Equipment
  • 35779904Encoders, Computer Peripheral Equipment
  • 35779905Film Reader Devices
  • 35779906Graphic Displays, Except Graphic Terminals
  • 35779907Input/output Equipment, Computer