SIC Code 3292 Asbestos Products




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing asbestos textiles, asbestos building materials, except asbestos paper, insulating materials for covering boilers and pipes, and other products composed wholly or chiefly of asbestos.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing asbestos paper are classified inIndustry 2621, and those manufacturing gaskets and packing are classified in Industry 3053

Illustrative Examples

  • Asbestos cement products: e.g., siding, pressure pipe, conduits, ducts
  • Asbestos products: except packing and gaskets
  • Blankets, insulating for aircraft: asbestos
  • Boiler covering (heat insulating material), except felt
  • Brake lining, asbestos
  • Brake pads, asbestos
  • Building materials, asbestos: except asbestos paper
  • Carded fiber, asbestos
  • Cloth, asbestos
  • Clutch facings, asbestos
  • Cord, asbestos
  • Felt, woven amosite: asbestos
  • Floor tile, asphalt
  • Friction materials, asbestos: woven
  • Insulation, molded asbestos
  • Mattresses, asbestos
  • Millboard, asbestos
  • Pipe and boiler covering, except felt
  • Pipe covering (insulation), laminated asbestos paper
  • Pipe, pressure: asbestos cement
  • Roofing, asbestos felt roll
  • Rope, asbestos
  • Sheet, asbestos cement: flat or corrugated
  • Shingles, asbestos cement
  • Siding, asbestos cement
  • Table pads and padding, asbestos
  • Tape, asbestos
  • Textiles, asbestos: except packing
  • Thread, asbestos
  • Tile, vinyl asbestos
  • Tubing, asbestos
  • Wick, asbestos
  • Yarn, asbestos

Sample Business Listings

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 329201Asbestos & Asbestos Free Prods (mfrs)
  • 329202Friction Materials (manufacturers)

7-digit SIC

  • 3292001Asbestos Products
  • 3292002Asbestos Textiles (except Insulating Material)
  • 3292003Mattresses, Asbestos
  • 3292004Table Pads & Padding, Asbestos
  • 3292005Asbestos Building Materials (except Asbestos Paper)
  • 3292006Roofing, Asbestos Felt Roll
  • 3292007Sheet-asbestos Cement-flat Or Corrugated
  • 3292008Shingles, Asbestos Cement
  • 3292009Asbestos Insulating Materials
  • 3292010Blankets, Insulating For Aircraft Asbestos
  • 3292011Boiler Covering (except Felt)
  • 3292012Insulation, Molded Asbestos
  • 3292013Pipe Covering (except Felt)
  • 3292014Asbestos Friction Materials
  • 3292015Brake Linings, Asbestos
  • 3292016Tubing & Piping, Asbestos & Asbestos Cement
  • 3292017Ducts, Asbestos Cement
  • 3292018Rope, Asbestos
  • 3292019Wick, Asbestos
  • 3292020Floor Tile, Asphalt
  • 3292021Tile, Vinyl Asbestos
  • 3292022Asbestos & Asbestos Free Prods Mfg
  • 3292023Friction Materials Mfg

8-digit SIC

  • 32920000Asbestos Products
  • 32920100Asbestos Textiles, Except Insulating Material
  • 32920104Mattresses, Asbestos
  • 32920105Table Pads And Padding, Asbestos
  • 32920200Asbestos Building Materials, Except Asbestos Paper
  • 32920202Roofing, Asbestos Felt Roll
  • 32920203Sheet, Asbestos Cement: Flat Or Corrugated
  • 32920204Shingles, Asbestos Cement
  • 32920300Asbestos Insulating Materials
  • 32920301Blankets, Insulating For Aircraft Asbestos
  • 32920302Boiler Covering (heat Insulating Material), Except Felt
  • 32920303Insulation, Molded Asbestos
  • 32920304Pipe Covering (heat Insulating Material), Except Felt
  • 32920400Asbestos Friction Materials
  • 32920401Brake Linings, Asbestos
  • 32920500Tubing And Piping, Asbestos And Asbestos Cement
  • 32920502Ducts, Asbestos Cement
  • 32920603Rope, Asbestos
  • 32920605Wick, Asbestos
  • 32920701Floor Tile, Asphalt
  • 32920702Tile, Vinyl Asbestos