SIC Code 3251 Brick and Structural Clay Tile




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing brick and structural clay tile. 

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing clay firebrick are classified inIndustry 3255; those manufacturing nonclay firebrick are classified in Industry 3297; those manufacturing sand lime brick are classified in Industry 3299; and those manufacturing glass brick are classified in Industry 3229.

Illustrative Examples

  • Book tile, clay
  • Brick: common, face, glazed, vitrified, and hollow-clay
  • Building tile, clay
  • Ceramic glazed brick, clay
  • Chimney blocks, radial-clay
  • Corncrib tile
  • Facing tile, clay
  • Fireproofing tile, clay
  • Floor arch tile, clay
  • Flooring brick, clay
  • Furring tile, clay
  • Partition tile clay
  • Paving brick clay
  • Silo tile
  • Slumped brick
  • Structural tile, clay

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 325101Brickclay Common & Face-manufacturers
  • 325102Brick-manufacturers
  • 325103Chimney Lining Materials-manufacturers

7-digit SIC

  • 3251001Brick Mfg
  • 3251002Ceramic Glazed Clay Brick
  • 3251003Chimney Lining Materials Mfg
  • 3251004Structural Brick & Blocks
  • 3251005Brickclay Common & Face Mfg
  • 3251006Chimney Blocks-radial-clay
  • 3251007Flooring Brick, Clay
  • 3251008Paving Brick, Clay
  • 3251009Slumped Brick
  • 3251010Structural Clay Tile
  • 3251011Book Tile, Clay
  • 3251012Building Tile, Clay
  • 3251013Facing Tile, Clay
  • 3251014Fireproofing Tile, Clay
  • 3251015Floor Arch Tile, Clay
  • 3251016Partition Tile, Clay

8-digit SIC

  • 32510000Brick And Structural Clay Tile
  • 32510100Structural Brick And Blocks
  • 32510101Brick Clay: Common Face, Glazed, Vitrified, Or Hollow
  • 32510102Ceramic Glazed Brick, Clay
  • 32510103Chimney Blocks, Radial: Clay
  • 32510104Flooring Brick, Clay
  • 32510105Paving Brick, Clay
  • 32510106Slumped Brick
  • 32510200Structural Clay Tile
  • 32510201Book Tile, Clay
  • 32510202Building Tile, Clay
  • 32510204Facing Tile, Clay
  • 32510205Fireproofing Tile, Clay
  • 32510206Floor Arch Tile, Clay
  • 32510208Partition Tile, Clay