SIC Code 3172 Personal Leather Goods, except Women's Handbags and Purses




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing small articles normally carried on the person or in a handbag, such as billfolds, key cases, and coin purses of leather or other materials, except precious metal.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing similar personal goods of precious metals are classified inIndustry 3911

Illustrative Examples

  • Billfolds, regardless of material
  • Card cases, except precious metal
  • Cases, jewelry: regardless of material
  • Checkbook covers, regardless of material
  • Cigar cases, except precious metal
  • Cigarette cases, except precious metal
  • Coin purses, regardless of material
  • Comb cases, except precious metal
  • Compacts, solid leather
  • Cosmetic bags, regardless of material
  • Eyeglass cases, regardless of material
  • Handbags, men's: regardless of material
  • Key cases, regardless of material
  • Leather goods, small: personal
  • Pocketbooks, men's: regardless of material
  • Purses, men's: regardless of material
  • Sewing cases, regardless of material
  • Tobacco pouches, regardless of material
  • Toilet kits and cases, regardless of material
  • Vanity cases, leather
  • Wallets, regardless of material
  • Watch straps, except metal

Sample Business Listings

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 317201Key Holders (manufacturers)
  • 317202Leather Goods-manufacturers
  • 317203Jewelry Cases (manufacturers)
  • 317204Sewing Kits & Cases (manufacturers)
  • 317205Leather Goods Mfrs' Supplies Mfg

7-digit SIC

  • 3172001Leather Goods Mfg' Supplies Mfg
  • 3172002Leather Wallets Mfg
  • 3172003Leather Cases Mfg
  • 3172004Jewelry Cases Mfg
  • 3172005Leather Goods Mfg
  • 3172006Billfolds
  • 3172007Coin Purses
  • 3172008Handbags-regardless Of Material-men's
  • 3172009Card Cases
  • 3172010Cases, Glasses
  • 3172011Cigarette & Cigar Cases
  • 3172012Key Holders Mfg
  • 3172013Sewing Kits & Cases Mfg
  • 3172014Toilet Kits & Cases
  • 3172015Vanity Cases
  • 3172016Checkbook Covers
  • 3172017Cosmetic Bags
  • 3172018Tobacco Pouches
  • 3172019Watch Straps (except Metal)

8-digit SIC

  • 31720000Personal Leather Goods, Nec
  • 31720100Leather Money Holders
  • 31720101Billfolds
  • 31720102Coin Purses
  • 31720103Handbags, Regardless Of Material: Men's
  • 31720104Wallets
  • 31720200Leather Cases
  • 31720201Card Cases
  • 31720202Cases, Glasses
  • 31720203Cases, Jewelry
  • 31720204Cigarette And Cigar Cases
  • 31720205Key Cases
  • 31720206Sewing Cases
  • 31720207Toilet Kits And Cases
  • 31720208Vanity Cases
  • 31729901Checkbook Covers
  • 31729903Cosmetic Bags
  • 31729904Tobacco Pouches
  • 31729905Watch Straps, Except Metal