SIC Code 3081 Unsupported Plastics Film and Sheet




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing unsupported plastics film and sheet, from purchased resins or from resins produced in the same plant.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing plastics film and sheet for blister and bubble formed packaging are classified inIndustry 3089

Illustrative Examples

  • Cellulosic plastics film and sheet, unsupported
  • Film, plastics: unsupported
  • Photographic, micrographic, and X-ray plastics, sheet, and film
  • Polyester film and sheet, unsupported
  • Polyethylene film and sheet, unsupported
  • Polypropylene film and sheet, unsupported
  • Polyvinyl film and sheet, unsupported
  • Sheet, plastics: unsupported
  • Vinyl and vinyl copolymer film and sheet, unsupported

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 308101Polyethylene Materials & Prods (mfrs)
  • 308102Plastics-fabrics,film-etc Producer (mfr)
  • 308103Cellophane/cellulose Mtrls/prods (mfrs)
  • 308105Vinyl-manufacturers
  • 308106Glass Coating & Tinting Materials Mfg
  • 308107Credit Card/other Plans Equip/supl Mfg
  • 308108Linings-pits Ponds Lagoons Etc (mfrs)
  • 308109Telephone Calling Cards-whol & Mfrs
  • 308198Unsupported Plastics-film/sheet (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 3081001Unsupported Plastics-film/sheet Mfg
  • 3081002Plastics-fabrics, Film-etc Producer Mfg
  • 3081003Polyethylene Film
  • 3081004Plastic Sheet Packing Materials
  • 3081005Vinyl Film & Sheet
  • 3081006Photographic & X-ray Film & Sheet
  • 3081007Polyethylene Materials & Prods Mfg
  • 3081008Polypropylene Film & Sheet
  • 3081009Cellophane/cellulose Materials/prods Mfg
  • 3081010Polyvinyl Film & Sheet
  • 3081011Vinyl Mfg
  • 3081012Film Base, Cellulose Acetate Or Nitrocellulose Plastics
  • 3081013Glass Coating & Tinting Materials Mfg
  • 3081014Floor Or Wall Covering, Unsupported Plastics
  • 3081015Tile, Unsupported Plastics
  • 3081016Credit Card/other Plans Equipment Supplies Mfg
  • 3081017Linings-pits Ponds Lagoons Etc Mfg
  • 3081018Telephone Calling Cards Wholesale & Mfg

8-digit SIC

  • 30810000Unsupported Plastics Film And Sheet
  • 30810100Plastics Film And Sheet
  • 30810101Packing Materials, Plastics Sheet
  • 30810102Photographic And X-ray Film And Sheet
  • 30810103Polyethylene Film
  • 30810104Polypropylene Film And Sheet
  • 30810105Polyvinyl Film And Sheet
  • 30810106Vinyl Film And Sheet
  • 30819901Film Base, Cellulose Acetate Or Nitrocellulose Plastics
  • 30819902Floor Or Wall Covering, Unsupported Plastics
  • 30819903Tile, Unsupported Plastics
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Industry Overview

Total Companies:822

Est. Employment:17109