SIC Code 2429 Special Product Sawmills, Not Elsewhere Classified




Mills primarily engaged in manufacturing excelsior, wood shingles, and cooperage stock; and in sawing special products, not elsewhere classified.

Illustrative Examples

  • Barrel heading and staves, sawed or split
  • Cooperage stock mills
  • Cooperage stock: staves, heading, and hoops sawed or split
  • Excelsior, including pads and wrappers: wood
  • Hoops, wood: for tight or slack cooperage-sawed or split
  • Sawmills, special product: except lumber and veneer mills
  • Shakes (hand split shingles)
  • Shingle mills, wood
  • Shingles, wood: sawed or hand split
  • Wood wool (excelsior)
  • Wrappers, excelsior

USA List Sample

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 242901Shingles & Shakes-manufacturers
  • 242902Excelsior (manufacturers)
  • 242903Barrel-manufacturers Equip/supls (mfrs)
  • 242998Special Product Sawmills Nec (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 2429001Special Product Sawmills Nec Mfg
  • 2429002Barrel Mfg Equipment Supplies Mfg
  • 2429003Cooperage Stock Products
  • 2429004Special Product Sawmills Nec
  • 2429005Sawed Or Split Tight Or Slack Cooperage Wood Hoops
  • 2429006Sawed Or Split Barrel Staves
  • 2429007Excelsior Shavings & Packaging
  • 2429008Excelsior Mfg
  • 2429009Wood Wool Or Excelsior
  • 2429010Excelsior Wrappers
  • 2429011Shingles & Shakes Mfg
  • 2429012Shakes
  • 2429013Shingle Mill
  • 2429014Sawed Or Hand Split Wood Shingles

8-digit SIC

  • 24290000Special Product Sawmills, Nec
  • 24290100Barrels And Barrel Parts
  • 24290101Cooperage Stock Products: Staves, Headings, Hoops, Etc.
  • 24290103Hoops, Wood, For Tight Or Slack Cooperage: Sawed Or Split
  • 24290104Staves, Barrel: Sawed Or Split
  • 24290200Shavings And Packaging, Excelsior
  • 24290201Excelsior, Including Pads And Wrappers: Wood
  • 24290202Wood Wool, Excelsior
  • 24290203Wrappers, Excelsior
  • 24290300Shingle And Shingle Mills
  • 24290301Shakes (hand Split Shingles)
  • 24290302Shingle Mill
  • 24290303Shingles, Wood: Sawed Or Hand Split