SIC Code 2086 Bottled and Canned Soft Drinks and Carbonated Waters




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing soft drinks and carbonated waters.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fruit and vegetable juices are classified in Industry Group 203; those manufacturing fruit syrups for flavoring are classified inIndustry 2087; and those manufacturing nonalcoholic cider are classified in Industry 2099. Establishments primarily engaged in bottling natural spring waters are classified in Wholesale Trade, Industry 5149

Illustrative Examples

  • Beer, birch and root: bottled or canned
  • Carbonated beverages, nonalcoholic: bottled or canned
  • Drinks, fruit: bottled, canned, or fresh
  • Ginger ale, bottled or canned
  • Iced tea, bottled or canned
  • Lemonade: bottled, canned, or fresh
  • Mineral water, carbonated: bottled or canned
  • Soft drinks, bottled or canned
  • Tea, iced: bottled or canned
  • Water, pasteurized: bottled or canned

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 208601Bottlers (mfrs)
  • 208602Soda Water-manufacturers
  • 208603Soft Drink Products-manufacturers
  • 208604Beverages-manufacturers

7-digit SIC

  • 2086001Bottlers Mfg
  • 2086002Soft Drink Products Mfg
  • 2086003Nonalcoholic Carbonated Beverages Mfg
  • 2086004Natural Water Mfg
  • 2086005Carbonated Soft Drinks Mfg
  • 2086006Carbonated Mineral Water Mfg
  • 2086007Bottled Water Mfg
  • 2086008Fruit Drink Mfg
  • 2086009Bottled & Canned Iced Tea & Fruit Drinks
  • 2086010Soda Water Mfg
  • 2086011Bottled & Canned Lemonade
  • 2086012Bottled & Canned Iced Tea

8-digit SIC

  • 20860000Bottled And Canned Soft Drinks
  • 20860100Iced Tea And Fruit Drinks, Bottled And Canned
  • 20860101Fruit Drinks (less Than 100% Juice): Packaged In Cans, Etc.
  • 20860102Lemonade: Packaged In Cans, Bottles, Etc.
  • 20860103Tea, Iced: Packaged In Cans, Bottles, Etc.
  • 20860200Pasteurized And Mineral Waters, Bottled And Canned
  • 20860201Mineral Water, Carbonated: Packaged In Cans, Bottles, Etc.
  • 20860202Water, Natural: Packaged In Cans, Bottles, Etc.
  • 20860300Carbonated Soft Drinks, Bottled And Canned
  • 20860301Carbonated Beverages, Nonalcoholic: Pkged. In Cans, Bottles
  • 20860302Soft Drinks: Packaged In Cans, Bottles, Etc.
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