SIC Code 2082 Malt Beverages




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing malt beverages.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in bottling purchased malt beverages are classified inIndustry 5181

Illustrative Examples

◾Beer (alcoholic beverage)
◾Liquors, malt
◾Malt extract, liquors, and syrups
◾Near beer
◾Porter (alcoholic beverage)
◾Stout (alcoholic beverage)

Beer (alcoholic beverage)


Brewers' grain

Liquors, malt

Malt extract, liquors, and syrups

Near beer

Porter (alcoholic beverage)

Stout (alcoholic beverage)

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 208201Brewers (mfrs)
  • 208202Beer/ale Brwrs/distr-non-alcoholic (mfr)
  • 208298Malt Beverages (manufacturers)

7-digit SIC

  • 2082001Malt Beverages Mfg
  • 2082002Beer Production
  • 2082003Ale Production
  • 2082004Malt Beverage Products
  • 2082005Beer & Ale Brewers-non-alcoholic Mfg
  • 2082006Brewers Grain
  • 2082007Malt Extract
  • 2082008Malt Syrups
  • 2082009Malt Liquors
  • 2082010Near Beer

8-digit SIC

  • 20820000Malt Beverages
  • 20820100Malt Beverage Products
  • 20820101Brewers' Grain
  • 20820102Extract, Malt
  • 20820103Syrups, Malt
  • 20829901Ale (alcoholic Beverage)
  • 20829902Beer (alcoholic Beverage)
  • 20829903Liquors, Malt
  • 20829904Near Beer
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Total Companies:2829

Est. Employment:93332