SIC Code 1541 General Contractors-Industrial Buildings and Warehouses




General contractors primarily engaged in the construction (including new work, additions, alterations, remodeling, and repair) of industrial buildings and warehouses, such as aluminum plants, automobile assembly plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, and commercial warehouses.

Illustrative Examples

  • Aluminum plant construction-general contractors
  • Building alterations, industrial and warehouse-general contractors
  • Building components manufacturing plant construction-general contractors
  • Building construction, industrial and warehouse-general contractors
  • Clean room construction-general contractors
  • Cold storage plant construction-general contractors
  • Commercial warehouse construction-general contractors
  • Custom builders, industrial and warehouse-general contractors
  • Designing and erecting, combined: industrial-general contractors
  • Drycleaning plant construction-general contractors
  • Factory construction-general contractors
  • Food products manufacturing or packing plant construction-general contractors
  • Grain elevator construction-general contractors
  • Industrial building construction-general contractors
  • Industrial plant construction-general contractors
  • Paper pulp mill construction-general contractors
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant construction-general contractors
  • Prefabricated building erection, industrial-general contractors
  • Remodeling buildings, industrial and warehouse-general contractors
  • Renovating buildings, industrial and warehouse-general contractors
  • Repairing buildings, industrial and warehouse-general contractors
  • Truck and automobile assembly plant construction-general contractors
  • Warehouse construction-general contractors

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 154101Building Restoration & Preservation
  • 154102Designers-industrial
  • 154104Grain Elevators-builders
  • 154105Floors-raised
  • 154106General Contrs-industrial Bldgs & Wrhse
  • 154107Contractors-industrial & Commercial
  • 154108Grain Elevators-repairing
  • 154109Building Systems & Components
  • 154110Sewage Treatment Plant Contractors

7-digit SIC

  • 1541001General Contractors-industrial Buildings & Warehouse
  • 1541002Truck & Automobile Assembly Plant Construction
  • 1541003Contractors-industrial & Commercial
  • 1541004Building Restoration & Preservation
  • 1541005Steel Building Construction
  • 1541006Warehouse Construction
  • 1541007Industrial Prefabricated Building Erection
  • 1541008Food Products Manufacturing Or Packing Plant Construction
  • 1541009Grain Elevators-builders
  • 1541010Factory Construction
  • 1541011Dry Cleaning Plant Construction
  • 1541012Paper Mill Construction
  • 1541013Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant Construction
  • 1541014Grain Elevators-repairing
  • 1541015Building Systems & Components
  • 1541016Sewage Treatment Plant Contractors
  • 1541017Floors-raised
  • 1541018Designers-industrial

8-digit SIC

  • 15410000Industrial Buildings And Warehouses
  • 15419901Dry Cleaning Plant Construction
  • 15419902Factory Construction
  • 15419903Food Products Manufacturing Or Packing Plant Construction
  • 15419904Grain Elevator Construction
  • 15419905Industrial Buildings, New Construction, Nec
  • 15419906Paper/pulp Mill Construction
  • 15419907Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant Construction
  • 15419908Prefabricated Building Erection, Industrial
  • 15419909Renovation, Remodeling And Repairs: Industrial Buildings
  • 15419910Steel Building Construction
  • 15419911Truck And Automobile Assembly Plant Construction
  • 15419912Warehouse Construction