SIC Code 1522 General Contractors-Residential Buildings, other than Single-Family




General contractors primarily engaged in construction (including new work, additions, alterations, remodeling, and repair) of residential buildings other than single-family houses. 

Illustrative Examples

  • Apartment building construction-general contractors
  • Building alterations, residential: except single-family-general
  • Building construction, residential: except single-family-general
  • Custom builders, residential: except single-family-general contractors
  • Designing and erecting, combined: residential, except single-family-
  • Dormitory construction-general contractors
  • Home improvements, residential: except single-family-general
  • Hotel construction-general contractors
  • Motel construction-general contractors
  • Prefabricated building erection, residential: except
  • Remodeling buildings, residential: except single-family-general
  • Renovating buildings, residential: except single-family-general
  • Repairing buildings, residential: except single-family-general
  • Residential construction, except single-family-general contractors

Sample Business Listings

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 152201Contractors-interior Furnishings
  • 152203Partitions-retail
  • 152204Contractors-boarding & Housing
  • 152205Builders Service
  • 152207Interior Designers-contract
  • 152299General Contractors-residential Bldgs

7-digit SIC

  • 1522001General Contractors-residential Buildings
  • 1522002Hotel Construction
  • 1522003Apartment Building Construction
  • 1522004Co-op Construction
  • 1522005Condominium Construction
  • 1522006Multi-family Home Construction Nec
  • 1522007Multi-family New Home Construction
  • 1522008Hotel Remodeling Contractors
  • 1522009Multi-family Home Renovation
  • 1522010Partitions
  • 1522011Dormitory Construction
  • 1522012Contractors-boarding & Housing
  • 1522013New Hotel Or Motel Construction
  • 1522014Builders Services
  • 1522015Hotel Or Motel Renovation
  • 1522016Interior Designers-contract
  • 1522017Contractors-interior Furnishings

8-digit SIC

  • 15220000Residential Construction, Nec
  • 15220100Hotel/motel And Multi-family Home Construction
  • 15220101Apartment Building Construction
  • 15220102Co-op Construction
  • 15220103Condominium Construction
  • 15220104Dormitory Construction
  • 15220105Hotel/motel, New Construction
  • 15220106Multi-family Dwelling Construction, Nec
  • 15220107Multi-family Dwellings, New Construction
  • 15220200Hotel/motel And Multi-family Home Renovation And Remodeling
  • 15220201Remodeling, Multi-family Dwellings
  • 15220202Renovation, Hotel/motel