SIC Code 1321 Natural Gas Liquids




Establishments primarily engaged in producing liquid hydrocarbons from oil and gas field gases.

Cross References

Establishments recovering liquefied petroleum gases incidental to petroleum refining or to the manufacturing of chemicals are classified in Manufacturing,Major Group 28 or Major Group 29. Establishments recovering helium from natural gas are classified in Manufacturing, Major Group 28.

Illustrative Examples

  • Butane (natural) production
  • Casing-head butane and propane production
  • Cycle condensate production (natural gas)
  • Ethane (natural) production
  • Fractionating natural gas liquids
  • Isobutane (natural) production
  • Liquefied petroleum gases (natural) production
  • Natural gas liquids production
  • Natural gasoline production
  • Propane (natural) production

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 132198Natural Gas Liquids

7-digit SIC

  • 1321001Natural Gas Liquids
  • 1321002Natural Gasoline Production
  • 1321003Propane Production
  • 1321004Butane Production
  • 1321005Casing-head Butane & Propane Production
  • 1321006Cycle Condensate Production
  • 1321007Ethane Production
  • 1321008Natural Gas Liquid Fractionation
  • 1321009Liquefied Petroleum Gas Production
  • 1321010Natural Gas Liquid Production

8-digit SIC

  • 13210000Natural Gas Liquids
  • 13219901Butane (natural) Production
  • 13219902Casing-head Butane And Propane Production
  • 13219903Cycle Condensate Production (natural Gas)
  • 13219904Ethane (natural) Production
  • 13219905Fractionating Natural Gas Liquids
  • 13219907Liquefied Petroleum Gases (natural) Production
  • 13219908Natural Gas Liquids Production
  • 13219909Natural Gasoline Production
  • 13219910Propane (natural) Production
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Industry Overview

Total Companies:17

Est. Employment:853