NAICS Code 712190 Nature Parks and Other Similar Institutions


Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the preservation and exhibition of natural areas or settings.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in operating commercial hunting or fishing preserves (e.g., game farms) are classified in Industry 114210, Hunting and Trapping.

Illustrative Examples

  • Nature centers or preserves
  • Bird or wildlife sanctuaries
  • Conservation areas
  • Natural wonder (e.g., cavern, waterfall) tourist attractions
  • National parks

Industries Included

  • Bird sanctuaries
  • Caverns (i.e., natural wonder tourist attractions)
  • Conservation areas
  • Interpretive centers, nature
  • National parks
  • Natural wonder tourist attractions (e.g., caverns, waterfalls)
  • Nature centers
  • Nature parks
  • Nature preserves
  • Nature reserves
  • Parks, national
  • Parks, nature
  • Provincial parks
  • Waterfalls (i.e., natural wonder tourist attractions)
  • Wildlife sanctuaries