NAICS Code 335110 Electric Lamp Bulb and Part Manufacturing




This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electric light bulbs and tubes, and parts and components (except glass blanks for electric light bulbs).

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Manufacturing glass blanks for electric light bulbs: classified in U.S. Industry 327212, Other Pressed and Blown Glass and Glassware Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing vehicular lighting fixtures: classified in Industry 336320, Motor Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing light emitting diodes (LEDs): classified in U.S. Industry 334413, Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing other lighting fixtures (except vehicular): classified in Industry 33512, Lighting Fixture Manufacturing.

Industries Included

  • Automotive light bulbs manufacturing
  • Bulbs, electric light, complete, manufacturing
  • Coating purchased light bulbs
  • Cold cathode fluorescent lamp tubes manufacturing
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs manufacturing
  • Decorative lamp bulbs manufacturing
  • Electric lamp bulb parts (except glass blanks) manufacturing
  • Electric lamps (i.e., light bulbs) manufacturing
  • Electric light bulbs, complete, manufacturing
  • Electrodes, cold cathode fluorescent lamp, manufacturing
  • Electrotherapeutic lamp bulbs for ultraviolet and infrared radiation manufacturing
  • Filaments for electric lamp bulbs manufacturing
  • Flash bulbs, photographic, manufacturing
  • Flashlight bulb manufacturing
  • Fluorescent lamp tubes, electric, manufacturing
  • Fluroescent lamp electrodes, cold cathode, manufacturing
  • Glow lamp bulbs manufacturing
  • Halogen light bulbs manufacturing
  • Health lamp bulbs, infrared and ultraviolet radiation, manufacturing
  • High intensity lamp bulbs manufacturing
  • Incandescent filament lamp bulbs, complete, manufacturing
  • Infrared lamp bulbs manufacturing
  • Lamp bulb parts (except glass blanks), electric, manufacturing
  • Lamp bulbs and tubes, electric (i.e., fluorescent, incandescent filament, vapor), manufacturing
  • Lamp bulbs and tubes, health, infrared and ultraviolet radiation, manufacturing
  • Lead-in wires, electric lamp, made from purchased wire
  • Light bulbs manufacturing
  • Light bulbs, sealed beam automotive, manufacturing
  • Mercury halide lamp bulbs manufacturing
  • Photoflash and photoflood lamp bulbs and tubes manufacturing
  • Sealed beam automotive light bulbs manufacturing
  • Sodium vapor lamp bulbs manufacturing
  • Strobotrons manufacturing
  • Ultraviolet lamp bulbs manufacturing
  • Vapor lamps, electric, manufacturing
  • X-mas tree light bulbs manufacturing

Industry Leaders

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Industry Overview

Total Companies:79

Est. Employment:3018