NAICS Code 32619 Other Plastics Product Manufacturing




This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing plastics plumbing fixtures and other plastics products (except film, sheet, bags, profile shapes, pipes, pipe fittings, laminates, foam products, and bottles).

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Manufacturing plastics film, plastics unlaminated sheet, and plastics bags: classified in Industry 32611, Plastics Packaging Materials and Unlaminated Film and Sheet Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing plastics pipes, pipe fittings, and plastics profile shapes (except films, sheet, bags): classified in Industry 32612, Plastics Pipe, Pipe Fitting, and Unlaminated Profile Shape Manufacturing
  • Laminating plastics profile shapes, such as plate, sheet, and rod: classified in Industry 32613, Laminated Plastics Plate, Sheet (except Packaging), and Shape Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing polystyrene foam products: classified in Industry 32614, Polystyrene Foam Product Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing foam products (except polystyrene): classified in Industry 32615, Urethane and Other Foam Product (except Polystyrene) Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing plastics bottles: classified in Industry 32616, Plastics Bottle Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing plastics furniture parts: classified in Industry 33721, Office Furniture (including Fixtures) Manufacturing
  • Assembling plastics components into plumbing fixture fittings, such as faucets: classified in Industry 33291, Metal Valve Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing rubber floor mats and rubber treads: classified in Industry 32629, Other Rubber Product Manufacturing.

Illustrative Examples

  • Resilient floor coverings (e.g., sheet, tiles) manufacturing
  • Plastics siding manufacturing
  • Plastics hardware manufacturing
  • Plastics dinnerware (except foam) manufacturing
  • Plastics bowls and bowl covers manufacturing
  • Plastics trash containers manufacturing
  • Plastics or fiberglass plumbing fixtures (e.g., toilets, shower stalls, urinals) manufacturing
  • Plastics gloves manufacturing
  • Plastics cups (except foam) manufacturing
  • Inflatable plastics swimming pool rafts and similar flotation devices manufacturing

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