NAICS Code 325992 Photographic Film, Paper, Plate, and Chemical Manufacturing




This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing sensitized film, sensitized paper, sensitized cloth, sensitized plates, toners (i.e., for photocopiers, laser printers, and similar electrostatic printing devices), toner cartridges, and photographic chemicals.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing photographic paper stock (i.e., unsensitized) and paper mats, mounts, easels, and folders for photographic use are classified in Subsector 322, Paper Manufacturing.

Industries Included

  • Computer printer toner cartridges manufacturing
  • Developers, prepared photographic, manufacturing
  • Diazo (i.e., whiteprint) paper and cloth, sensitized, manufacturing
  • Driers, photographic chemical, manufacturing
  • Facsimile toner cartridges manufacturing
  • Film, sensitized (e.g., camera, motion picture, X-ray), manufacturing
  • Fixers, prepared photographic, manufacturing
  • Graphic arts plates, sensitized, manufacturing
  • Heat sensitized (i.e., thermal) paper made from purchased paper
  • Motion picture film manufacturing
  • Paper, photographic sensitized, manufacturing
  • Photocopying toner cartridges manufacturing
  • Photographic chemicals manufacturing
  • Photographic film, cloth, paper, and plate, sensitized, manufacturing
  • Photomasks manufacturing
  • Photosensitized paper manufacturing
  • Sensitized cloth or paper (e.g., blueprint, photographic) manufacturing
  • Toner cartridges manufacturing
  • Toner cartridges rebuilding
  • Toners, electrostatic and photographic, manufacturing
  • X-ray film and plates, sensitized, manufacturing