NAICS Code 32599 All Other Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing




This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing chemical products (except basic chemicals, resins, and synthetic rubber; cellulosic and noncellulosic fibers and filaments; pesticides, fertilizers, and other agricultural chemicals; pharmaceuticals and medicines; paints, coatings, and adhesives; and soaps, cleaning compounds, and toilet preparations; printing inks; and explosives).

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Manufacturing basic chemicals: classified in Industry Group 3251, Basic Chemical Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing resins, synthetic rubber, and artificial synthetic fibers and filaments: classified in Industry Group 3252, Resin, Synthetic Rubber, and Artificial Synthetic Fibers and FilamentsManufacturing
  • Manufacturing pesticides, fertilizers, and other agricultural chemicals: classified in Industry Group 3253, Pesticide, Fertilizer, and Other Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing pharmaceuticals and medicine including medicinal vegetable gelatin (i.e., agar-agar): classified in Industry Group 3254, Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing paints, coatings, and adhesives: classified in Industry Group 3255, Paint, Coating, and Adhesive Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing soaps and cleaning compounds: classified in Industry Group 3256, Soap, Cleaning Compound, and Toilet Preparation Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing printing and inkjet inks: classified in Industry 32591, Printing Ink Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing explosives: classified in Industry 32592, Explosives Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing photographic paper stock (i.e., unsensitized) and paper mats, mounts, easels, and folders for photographic use: classified in Subsector 322, Paper Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing dessert gelatins: classified in Industry 31199, All Other Food Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing medicinal gelatins: classified in Industry 32541, Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing.

Illustrative Examples

  • Pyrotechnics (e.g., flares, flashlight bombs, signals) manufacturing
  • Industrial salt manufacturing
  • Antifreeze preparations manufacturing
  • sweeteners
  • Matches and matchbook manufacturing
  • Swimming pool chemical preparations manufacturing
  • Photographic chemicals manufacturing
  • Custom compounding (i.e., blending and mixing) of purchased plastics resins
  • Writing inks and fluids manufacturing
  • Sugar substitutes (i.e., synthetic sweeteners blended with other ingredients) made from purchased synthetic
  • Activated carbon and charcoal manufacturing

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