NAICS Code 325612 Polish and Other Sanitation Good Manufacturing




This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing and packaging polishes and specialty cleaning preparations.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing chlorine dioxide (i.e., industrial bleaching agent) are classified in Industry 325180, Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing.

Industries Included

  • Air fresheners manufacturing
  • Ammonia, household-type, manufacturing
  • Automobile polishes and cleaners manufacturing
  • Beeswax polishes and waxes manufacturing
  • Bleaches, formulated for household use, manufacturing
  • Brass polishes manufacturing
  • Buffing compounds manufacturing
  • Cloths, dusting and polishing, chemically treated, manufacturing
  • Copper cleaners manufacturing
  • Degreasing preparations, household-type, manufacturing
  • Deodorants (except personal) manufacturing
  • Disinfectants, household-type and industrial, manufacturing
  • Drain pipe cleaners manufacturing
  • Drycleaning preparations manufacturing
  • Fabric softeners manufacturing
  • Floor polishes and waxes manufacturing
  • Furniture polishes and waxes manufacturing
  • Glass and tile cleaning preparations manufacturing
  • Gun cleaning preparations
  • Ink eradicators manufacturing
  • Kitchen degreasing and cleaning preparations manufacturing
  • Laundry bluing manufacturing
  • Lye, household-type, manufacturing
  • Metal polishes (i.e., tarnish removers) manufacturing
  • Oven cleaners manufacturing
  • Polishes (e.g., automobile, furniture, metal, shoe) manufacturing
  • Polishing preparations manufacturing
  • Recycling drycleaning fluids
  • Rug cleaning preparations manufacturing
  • Rust removers manufacturing
  • Saddle soaps manufacturing
  • Shoe polishes and cleaners manufacturing
  • Silver polishes manufacturing
  • Soot removing chemicals manufacturing
  • Spot removers (except laundry presoaks) manufacturing
  • Starches, laundry, manufacturing
  • Sweeping compounds, absorbent, manufacturing
  • Toilet bowl cleaners manufacturing
  • Tub and tile cleaning preparations manufacturing
  • Wallpaper cleaners manufacturing
  • Wax removers manufacturing
  • Waxes, polishing (e.g., floor, furniture), manufacturing
  • Window cleaning preparations manufacturing
  • Windshield washer fluid manufacturing

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