NAICS Code 11133 Noncitrus Fruit and Tree Nut Farming


Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) growing noncitrus fruits (e.g., apples, grapes, berries, peaches); (2) growing tree nuts (e.g., pecans, almonds, pistachios); or (3) growing a combination of fruit(s) and tree nut(s) with no one fruit (or family of fruit) or family of tree nuts accounting for one-half of the establishment's agriculture production (value of crops for market).

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Harvesting berries or nuts from native and noncultivated plants: classified in Industry 11321, Forest Nurseries and Gathering of Forest Products
  • Canning and/or drying (artificially) fruit: classified in Industry 31142, Fruit and Vegetable Canning, Pickling, and Drying.

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