SOC Code 55-3019 - Military Enlisted Tactical Operations and Air/Weapons Specialists and Crew Members, All Other


All military enlisted tactical operations and air/weapons specialists and crewmembers not listed separately.


SOC Code 55-3019 - Military Enlisted Tactical Operations and Air/Weapons Specialists and Crew Members, All Other is a a final level code of the “Military Specific Occupations” Major Occupation Category.

Occupation Examples

  • Advanced Foreign Counterintelligence Specialist (Afcs)
  • Advanced Military Source Operations Specialist (Amos)
  • Air Launch Weapons Technician
  • Air Support Operations Operator
  • Armament Weapons Support Equipment Technician
  • Asw Operations Center Electronic Warfare Analyst
  • Asw Operations Center Equipment Operator
  • Aviation Survival Technician
  • Chemical Operations Specialist
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, And Nuclear (Cbrn) Defense Specialist
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (Cbrn)Specialist
  • Combat Direction Finding System (An/Srs-1) Operator
  • Communication Signals Intelligence
  • Counter Intelligence Agent
  • Counterintelligence Agent
  • Counterintelligence/Humint Specialist
  • Cryptographic Center Specialist
  • Cryptologic Digital Network Technician/Analyst
  • Cryptologic Technician
  • Cryptologic Technician Technical
  • Cv/Cvn Cv-Tsc System Operator
  • Electronic Intelligence (Elint) Intercept Operator/Analyst
  • Electronic Intelligence Interceptor/Analyst
  • Electronic Signals Intelligence Exploitation
  • Electronic Warfare Specialist
  • Electronics Warfare Technician
  • Expeditionary Warfare Intelligence Specialist
  • Fire Control Technician
  • Gwot Ia/Ilo Intelligence Support
  • Gwot Ia/Ilo Intelligence Support, Not Deployed
  • Gwot/Ia Joint Special Operations Task Force Member-Deployed
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Intelligence Specialist
  • Intermediate Technical Elint (Techelint) Analysis Technician
  • Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Reconnaissance System Operator (Jcbrnrs) Lav Operator
  • Landing Support Specialist
  • Military Source Operations Specialist (Msos)
  • Multi Sensor Operator
  • Multi-Discipline Counter-Intelligence Operator/Analyst
  • Multi-Sensor Operator
  • Navy Tactical Human Intelligence (Humint) Specialist
  • Network Intelligence Analyst
  • Operational Intelligence (Opintel) Analyst
  • Operations Intelligence
  • Outboard System Operator
  • P-3 Armament/Ordnance Ima Technician
  • Parachute Rigger
  • Presidential Support Specialist
  • Psychological Operations Non-Commissioned Officer
  • Psychological Operations Noncommissioned Officer
  • Psychological Operations Specialist
  • Riverine Assault Craft (Rac) Crewman
  • S3b Multi-Sensor Operator
  • Seamark Advanced Operator Maintainer
  • Shipboard Chemical, Biological And Radiological-Defense (Cbr-D) Operations And Training Specialist
  • Shipboard Intelligence Analyst
  • Signalman
  • Signals Collector/Analyst
  • Signals Intelligence Analyst
  • Special Communication Signals Collection Operator/Analyst
  • Special Intelligence System Administrator/Communicator
  • Strategic Debriefing Specialist (Sds)
  • Strike Intermediate Armament Maintenanceman
  • Subsurface Augmentee Elint Operator
  • Subsurface Augmentee Operator
  • Tactical Debriefer
  • Tactical/Mobile (Tacmobile) Ashore Analysis Systems Operator
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (Tscm) Specialist

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