SOC Code 55-3014 - Artillery and Missile Crew Members


Target, fire, and maintain weapons used to destroy enemy positions, aircraft, and vessels. Field artillery crew members predominantly use guns, cannons, and howitzers in ground combat operations, while air defense artillery crew members predominantly use missiles and rockets. Naval artillery crew members predominantly use torpedoes and missiles launched from a ship or submarine. Duties include testing, inspecting, and storing ammunition, missiles, and torpedoes; conducting preventive and routine maintenance on weapons and related equipment; establishing and maintaining radio and wire communications; and operating weapons targeting, firing, and launch computer systems.


SOC Code 55-3014 - Artillery and Missile Crew Members is a a final level code of the “Military Specific Occupations” Major Occupation Category.

Hierarchy Navigation for SOC Code 55-3014

Occupation Examples

  • Advanced Tomahawk Weapon Control System (Atwcs) An/Swg-4 Operator And Maintenance Technician
  • Air And Missile Defense (AMD) Crewmember
  • Anti-Tank Missileman
  • Artillery Meteorological Man
  • Atwcs Launch Control Group Replacement (Lcgr) Operation And Maintenance Technician
  • Cannon Crewmember
  • Cannon Fire Direction Specialist
  • Field Artillery Automated Tactical Data System Specialist
  • Field Artillery Basic
  • Field Artillery Cannoneer
  • Field Artillery Fire Control Man
  • Field Artillery Operations Man
  • Fire Control Technician
  • Fire Control Technician B (Ballistic Missile Fire Control)
  • Fire Control Technician G (Gunfire Control)
  • Fire Controlman
  • Fire Support Man
  • Fire Support Specialist
  • Gcs Mk 160 Mod 4 Fire Control Technician
  • Guided Missile Launching System Maintenance Technician
  • Guided Missile Launching System Technician
  • Gunner's Mate
  • Gunner's Mate G (Guns)
  • Gunner's Mate M (Missiles)
  • Gwot Support Assignment-Counter Rocket Artillery And Mortar (C-Ram)
  • Harpoon (An/Swg-1a) Engagement Planning Operator
  • Hawk Missile System Crewmember
  • High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (Himars) Operator
  • Honest John Rocket Crew Member
  • In-Tube Conversion Technician
  • Lance Crewmember
  • Lance Crewmember/Mlrs Sergeant
  • Low Altitude Air Defense (Laad) Gunner
  • Man Portable Air Defense System Crewmember (Rc)
  • Master Fire Control Technician
  • Missile And Missile Checkout Technician
  • Missile Technician
  • Multiple Launch Rocket System (Mlrs) Crewmember
  • Multiple Launch Rocket System (Mlrs) Operations/Fire Direction Specialist
  • Multiple Launch Rocket System (Mlrs)/High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (Himars) Crewmember
  • Nuclear Weapons Specialist
  • Patriot Fire Control Enhanced Operator/Maintainer
  • Patriot Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer
  • Pershing Missile Crewmember
  • Sergeant Missile Crewman
  • Space And Missile Defense Operations
  • Ssn/Ssbn Weapons Equipment Operator
  • Stinger Anti-Terrorist Weapon (Atw) Operator Maintenanceman
  • Submarine Vertical Launch System Tube Maintenance Technician
  • Tactical Automated Fire Control Systems Specialist
  • Tomahawk Weapon System (Surface) Operator
  • Torpedoman's Mate
  • Vertical Launching System (Vls) Advanced Technician
  • Warhead Maintenance Specialist

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