SOC Code 55-3013 - Armored Assault Vehicle Crew Members


Operate tanks, light armor, and amphibious assault vehicles during combat situations on land or in aquatic environments. Duties include driving armored vehicles that require specialized training; operating and maintaining targeting and firing systems; operating and maintaining advanced onboard communications and navigation equipment; transporting personnel and equipment in a combat environment; and operating and maintaining auxiliary weapons, including machine guns and grenade launchers.


SOC Code 55-3013 - Armored Assault Vehicle Crew Members is a a final level code of the “Military Specific Occupations” Major Occupation Category.

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Occupation Examples

  • Armor Reconnaissance Vehicle Crewman
  • Armor Reconnaissance Vehicle Driver
  • Assault Amphibious Vehicle (Aav) Crewman
  • Assault Boat Coxswain
  • Bradley Linebacker Crewmember
  • Cavalry Scout
  • Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (Efv) Crewman
  • Lav Crewman
  • Lcac Operator
  • M1 Armor Crewman
  • M1A1 Tank Crewman
  • M48-M60 Armor Crewman
  • M48/M60 Tank Driver
  • M60a2 Armor Crewman
  • Xm1 Tank Driver

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