SOC Code 55-1014 - Artillery and Missile Officers


Manage personnel and weapons operations to destroy enemy positions, aircraft, and vessels. Duties include planning, targeting, and coordinating the tactical deployment of field artillery and air defense artillery missile systems units; directing the establishment and operation of fire control communications systems; targeting and launching intercontinental ballistic missiles; directing the storage and handling of nuclear munitions and components; overseeing security of weapons storage and launch facilities; and managing maintenance of weapons systems.


SOC Code 55-1014 - Artillery and Missile Officers is a a final level code of the “Military Specific Occupations” Major Occupation Category.

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Occupation Examples

  • Air Defense Artillery Officer
  • Ammunition Officer
  • Division Officer, Weapons Department
  • Division Officer, Weapons Department (Antisubmarine Weapons)
  • Division Officer, Weapons Department (Guided Missiles)
  • Division Officer, Weapons Department (Gunnery)
  • Field Artillery Officer
  • Field Artillery Targeting Technician
  • Fire Control Officer
  • Fire Control Officer (Surface-To-Air Missiles)
  • Ground Nuclear Weapons Assembly Officer
  • Guided Missile Test Officer, Air-Launched
  • Hawk Missile Air Defense Artillery
  • Low Altitude Air Defense Officer
  • Naval Gunfire Spotter
  • Naval Surface Fire Support Planner
  • Nuclear & Chemical Weapons Employment Officer
  • Nuclear Weapons Custodian
  • Ordnance Officer
  • Patriot Missile Air Defense Artillery
  • Short-Range Air Defense Artillery
  • Space And Missile Operations, Missile Combat Crew
  • Strike Warfare/Missile Systems Officer
  • Strike Warfare/Missile Systems Officer (Surface-To-Air Missile)
  • Surface-To-Air Weapons Officer
  • Targeting Acquisition Officer
  • Weapons Military Characteristics Officer
  • Weapons Officer
  • Weapons Officer (Fleet Ballistic Missiles)
  • Weapons Officer, Naval Activity

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