SIC Code 7349 - Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

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Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing building cleaning and maintenance services, not elsewhere classified, such as window cleaning, janitorial service, floor waxing, and office cleaning.


SIC Code 7349 - Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services, Not Elsewhere Classified is a final level code of the “Services” Division. There are 53,945 companies classified in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 513,065 people.

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Extended SIC Codes (6-digit) for Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

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Industry Examples

Common types of examples within SIC Code 7349 - Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services, Not Elsewhere Classified are:

  • Acoustical tile cleaning service
  • Building cleaning service, interior
  • Chimney cleaning service
  • Custodians of schools on a contract or fee basis
  • Floor waxing service
  • Housekeeping (cleaning service) on a contract or fee basis
  • Janitorial services on a contract or fee basis
  • Lighting maintenance service (bulb replacement and cleaning)
  • Maid service on a contract or fee basis
  • Maintenance, building: except repairs
  • Office cleaning service
  • Service station cleaning and degreasing service
  • Telephone booths, cleaning and maintenance of
  • Venetian blind cleaning, including work done on owners' premises
  • Window cleaning service

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For some business types, there may be a similar industry to SIC Code 7349 - Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services, Not Elsewhere Classified that is a better classification match. General contractors and special trade contractors primarily engaged in building repair work are classified in division c, construction.

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Alternative SIC Code Categories for SIC 7349

For business marketing and targeting purposes, please refer to the Extended SIC Codes (6-digit).

7-digit SIC

  • 7349001Building Cleaning/maintenance Services
  • 7349002Office Cleaning
  • 7349003Janitor Services
  • 7349004Cleaning Services -Industrial
  • 7349005Window Cleaning
  • 7349006House Cleaning
  • 7349007Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning Build/repair
  • 7349008Building Maintenance
  • 7349009Ventilating Systems-Cleaning
  • 7349010Floor Waxing Polishing & Cleaning
  • 7349011Office Cleaning Or Charring
  • 7349012Lighting Maintenance Services
  • 7349013Chemical Cleaning Services
  • 7349014Venetian Blinds-Cleaning
  • 7349015Building Component Cleaning Services
  • 7349016Exhaust Hood Or Fan Cleaning
  • 7349017Acoustical Tile Cleaning Services
  • 7349018Hospital Housekeeping
  • 7349019School Custodian Contractors
  • 7349020Building Cleaning Services
  • 7349021Service Station Cleaning & Degreasing
  • 7349022Telephone Booth Cleaning & Maintenance
  • 7349023Wall Cleaning
  • 7349024Window Shades-Cleaning & Repairing
  • 7349025Roof Cleaning Solvents & Services
  • 7349026Property Maintenance
  • 7349027Building Cleaning-Exterior
  • 7349028Snow Removal Services
  • 7349029Building Cleaning-Interior
  • 7349030Chemical Cleaning-Industrial
  • 7349031Ceiling Cleaning
  • 7349032Condominium Maintenance
  • 7349033Cleaning-Roof Patio Sidewalk
  • 7349034Filters-Air & Gas-Cleaning Services
  • 7349035House Washing-Exterior
  • 7349036Maid & Butler Services
  • 7349037Mobile Homes-Washing & Cleaning
  • 7349038Lot Cleaners
  • 7349039Chimney Tops & Caps
  • 7349040Floor Degreasing
  • 7349041Restaurant Cleaning
  • 7349042Awnings & Canopies-Cleaning
  • 7349043Floor Polish & Wax
  • 7349044Gutter & Downspout Cleaning
  • 7349045Apartment Cleaning
  • 7349046Kitchen Exhaust Systems-Cleaned
  • 7349047Flues
  • 7349048Restaurant Hood & Duct Cleaning
  • 7349049Clean Rooms-Service & Cleaning
  • 7349050Chimney Screens
  • 7349051Mildew Removal & Control
  • 7349052Vacuum Cleaning Contractors-Building Interior
  • 7349053Vertical Blinds-Cleaning & Repairing
  • 7349054Townhouse Maintenance Contractors
  • 7349055Restroom Sanitation
  • 7349056Store Front Cleaning
  • 7349057Environmental Cleaning Services
  • 7349058Estate Cleaning
  • 7349059Restaurant Equipment Cleaning
  • 7349060Biological Waste Clean-Up
  • 7349061Rubbish Garbage & Trash Chute Cleaning
  • 7349062Cleaning Services -Commercial/residential
  • 7349063Catch Basin Building Cleaning/repairing

8-digit SIC

  • 73490000Building Maintenance Services, Nec
  • 73490100Building And Office Cleaning Services
  • 73490101Building Cleaning Service
  • 73490102Building Maintenance, Except Repairs
  • 73490103Hospital Housekeeping
  • 73490104Janitorial Service, Contract Basis
  • 73490105Lighting Maintenance Service
  • 73490106Office Cleaning Or Charring
  • 73490107School Custodian, Contract Basis
  • 73490108Service Station Cleaning And Degreasing
  • 73490200Building Component Cleaning Service
  • 73490201Acoustical Tile Cleaning Service
  • 73490202Air Duct Cleaning
  • 73490203Chimney Cleaning
  • 73490204Floor Waxing
  • 73490205Exhaust Hood Or Fan Cleaning
  • 73499901Chemical Cleaning Services
  • 73499902Cleaning Service, Industrial Or Commercial
  • 73499903Maid Services, Contract Or Fee Basis
  • 73499904Telephone Booth Cleaning And Maintenance
  • 73499905Window Blind Cleaning
  • 73499906Window Cleaning

Questions & Answers

  • What is the SIC Code for Snow Removal companies?

    Companies that perform snow removal operations are classified under SIC Code 734910 - Snow Removal Service.

  • What is the SIC Code for Janitor Services and Property Maintenance?

    Janitor related companies are classified under SIC Code 734902 - Janitor Service and Property Maintenance companies are classified under SIC Code 734908.