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Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal cutting type machine tools, not supported in the hands of an operator when in use, that shape metal by cutting or use of electrical techniques; the rebuilding of such machine tools, and the manufacture of replacement parts for them. Also included in this industry are metalworking machine tools designed primarily for home workshops.


SIC Code 3541 - Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Types is a final level code of the “Manufacturing” Division. There are 969 companies classified in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 32,269 people.

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Industry Examples

Common types of examples within SIC Code 3541 - Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Types are:

  • Automatic chucking machines
  • Boring machine tools, metalworking
  • Boring mills
  • Boring, drilling, and milling machine combinations
  • Broaching machines
  • Brushing machines (metalworking machinery)
  • Buffing and polishing machines (machine tools)
  • Burnishing machines (machine tools)
  • Centering machines
  • Chemical milling machines
  • Countersinking machines
  • Cutoff machines (metalworking machinery)
  • Cutting machines, pipe (machine tools)
  • Cylinder reboring machines
  • Deburring machines
  • Diesinking machines
  • Drill presses (machine tools)
  • Drilling machine tools (metal cutting)
  • Duplicator, machine tools
  • Electrical discharge erosion machines
  • Electrical discharge grinding machines
  • Electrochemical milling machines
  • Electrolytic metal cutting machine tools
  • Electron-discharge metal cutting machine tools
  • Facing machines
  • Filing machines, metal (machine tools)
  • Flange facing machines
  • Gear chamfering machines (machine tools)
  • Gear cutting and finishing machines
  • Gear tooth grinding machines (machine tools)
  • Grinding machines, metalworking
  • Grooving machines (machine tools)
  • Home workshop machine tools, metalworking
  • Honing and lapping machines
  • Jig boring machines
  • Jig grinding machines
  • Keyseating machines (machine tools)
  • Lapping machines
  • Lathes, metal cutting
  • Machine tool replacement and repair parts, metal cutting types
  • Machine tools, metal cutting: e.g., exotic, chemical, explosive
  • Metal polishing lathes
  • Milling machines (machine tools)
  • Pipe cutting and threading machines (machine tools)
  • Planers, metal cutting
  • Plasma process metal cutting machines, except welding machines
  • Pointing, chamfering, and burring machines
  • Polishing machines (machine tools)
  • Reaming machines
  • Rebuilt machine tools, metal cutting types
  • Regrinding machines, crankshaft
  • Rifle working machines (machine tools)
  • Robots for drilling and cutting-machine type, metalworking
  • Robots for grinding, polishing, and deburring - metalworking
  • Sewing and cutoff machines (metalworking machinery)
  • Saws, power: metal cutting
  • Screw and nut slotting machines
  • Screw machines, automatic
  • Shapers and slotters, metal cutting
  • Shaving machines (metalworking)
  • Slotting machines (machine tools)
  • Tapping machines
  • Threading machines (machine tools)
  • Turning machines (lathes)
  • Turret lathes, metal cutting
  • Ultrasonic assisted grinding machines (metalworking)
  • Ultrasonic metal cutting machine tools
  • Valve grinding machines
  • Vertical turning and boring machines (metalworking)

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For some business types, there may be a similar industry to SIC Code 3541 - Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Types that is a better classification match. Establishments primarily engaged in the manufacture of electric and gas welding and soldering equipment are classified in SIC Code - 3548, and those manufacturing portable power-driven handtools are classified in SIC Code - 3546.

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Extended SIC Code Categories for SIC 3541

For business marketing and targeting, SIC Codes have been extended to provide more specific classifications within SIC Code 3541 – Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Types. Extended SIC Codes are being continuously updated to reflect the current business environment.

6-digit SIC

  • 354101Metallizing (manufacturers)
  • 354102Broaching (manufacturers)
  • 354103Electro-Chemical Machining (manufacturers)
  • 354104Deburring (manufacturers)
  • 354105Tube Cleaning & Expanding Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 354106Screw Machines & Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 354107Machine Tools (manufacturers)
  • 354108Die Cushions-Pneumatic (manufacturers)
  • 354109Honing Machines & Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 354110Milling Machines (manufacturers)
  • 354111Metal Stamping Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 354112Filing Services (manufacturers)
  • 354113Grinding Machines & Equip (manufacturers)
  • 354115Lapping (manufacturers)
  • 354116Metal Spinning Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 354117Numerical Control Machining (manufacturers)
  • 354118Drilling & Boring Equipment & Supplies (manufacturers)

7-digit SIC

  • 3541001Machine Tools (manufacturers)
  • 3541002Metal Cutting Machine Tool Replacement & Repair Parts
  • 3541003Metal Working Grinding Machines
  • 3541004Drilling & Boring Machines
  • 3541005Metal Cutting Machine Tools-Lathes
  • 3541006Milling Machines (manufacturers)
  • 3541007Metal Cutting Machine Tools-Drilling
  • 3541008Screw Machines & Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 3541009Deburring (manufacturers)
  • 3541010Metal Cutting Machine Tools-Home Workshop
  • 3541011Boring Mills
  • 3541012Metallizing (manufacturers)
  • 3541013Tube Cleaning & Expanding Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 3541014Broaching (manufacturers)
  • 3541015Die Cushions-Pneumatic (manufacturers)
  • 3541016Metal Stamping Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 3541017Cylinder Reboring Machines
  • 3541018Filing Services (manufacturers)
  • 3541019Drill Presses
  • 3541020Grinding Machines & Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 3541021Jig Boring & Grinding Machines
  • 3541022Metal Spinning Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 3541023Numerical Control Machining (manufacturers)
  • 3541024Vertical Turning & Boring Machines
  • 3541025Grinding, Polishing, Buffing, Lapping & Honing Machines
  • 3541026Drilling & Boring Equipment & Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 3541027Brushing Machines
  • 3541028Buffing & Polishing Machines
  • 3541029Crankshaft Regrinding Machines
  • 3541030Flange Facing Machines
  • 3541031Honing Machines & Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 3541032Lapping (manufacturers)
  • 3541033Pointing & Burring Machines
  • 3541034Chemical Milling Machines
  • 3541035Die Sinking Machines
  • 3541036Electro-Chemical Machining (manufacturers)
  • 3541037Chucking Machines, Automatic
  • 3541038Lathes, Metal Cutting & Polishing
  • 3541039Turret Lathes
  • 3541040Screw & Thread Machines
  • 3541041Pipe Cutting & Threading Machines
  • 3541042Screw & Nut Slotting Machines
  • 3541043Tapping Machines
  • 3541044Saws & Sawing Machines
  • 3541045Cutoff Machines
  • 3541046Sawing & Cutoff Machines
  • 3541047Saws-Power
  • 3541048Centering Machines
  • 3541049Electrical Discharge Erosion Machines
  • 3541050Electrolytic Metal Cutting Machine Tools
  • 3541051Electron-Discharge Metal Cutting Machine Tools
  • 3541052Gear Cutting & Finishing Machines
  • 3541053Keysetting Machines
  • 3541054Machine Tools & Metal Cutting
  • 3541055Numerically Controlled Metal Cutting Machine Tools
  • 3541056Planers
  • 3541057Plasma Process Metal Cutting Machines
  • 3541058Robots For Drilling, Cutting, Grinding, Polishing, Etc
  • 3541059Shaving Machines
  • 3541060Ultrasonic Metal Cutting Machine Tools

8-digit SIC

  • 35410000Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Type
  • 35410100Drilling And Boring Machines
  • 35410101Boring Mills
  • 35410102Broaching Machines
  • 35410104Cylinder Reboring Machines
  • 35410105Drill Presses
  • 35410106Drilling Machine Tools (metal Cutting)
  • 35410107Jig Boring And Grinding Machines
  • 35410109Vertical Turning And Boring Machines (metalworking)
  • 35410200Grinding, Polishing, Buffing, Lapping, And Honing Machines
  • 35410201Brushing Machines (metalworking Machinery)
  • 35410202Buffing And Polishing Machines
  • 35410203Crankshaft Regrinding Machines
  • 35410204Deburring Machines
  • 35410206Flange Facing Machines
  • 35410207Grinding Machines, Metalworking
  • 35410208Honing And Lapping Machines
  • 35410209Lapping Machines
  • 35410210Pointing And Burring Machines
  • 35410300Milling Machines
  • 35410301Chemical Milling Machines
  • 35410302Die Sinking Machines
  • 35410303Electrochemical Milling Machines
  • 35410400Lathes
  • 35410401Chucking Machines, Automatic
  • 35410402Lathes, Metal Cutting And Polishing
  • 35410403Turret Lathes
  • 35410500Screw And Thread Machines
  • 35410501Pipe Cutting And Threading Machines
  • 35410502Screw And Nut Slotting Machines
  • 35410503Screw Machines, Automatic
  • 35410504Tapping Machines
  • 35410600Saws And Sawing Machines
  • 35410601Cutoff Machines (metalworking Machinery)
  • 35410602Sawing And Cutoff Machines (metalworking Machinery)
  • 35410603Saws, Power (metalworking Machinery)
  • 35419901Centering Machines
  • 35419902Electrical Discharge Erosion Machines
  • 35419903Electrolytic Metal Cutting Machine Tools
  • 35419904Electron-Discharge Metal Cutting Machine Tools
  • 35419905Gear Cutting And Finishing Machines
  • 35419906Home Workshop Machine Tools, Metalworking
  • 35419907Keysetting Machines
  • 35419908Machine Tool Replacement & Repair Parts, Metal Cutting Types
  • 35419909Machine Tools, Metal Cutting: Exotic (explosive, Etc.)
  • 35419910Numerically Controlled Metal Cutting Machine Tools
  • 35419911Planers (metal Cutting Machine Tools)
  • 35419912Plasma Process Metal Cutting Machines
  • 35419913Robots For Drilling, Cutting, Grinding, Polishing, Etc.
  • 35419914Shaving Machines (metalworking)
  • 35419915Ultrasonic Metal Cutting Machine Tools