Industry Sector

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing

Total Companies


Est. Employment



Establishments primarily engaged in the production of tobacco.


SIC Code 0132 - Tobacco is a final level code of the “Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing” Division. There are 221 companies classified in this industry in the USA.

Industry Examples

Common types of examples within SIC Code 0132 - Tobacco are:

  • Tobacco farms

Extended SIC Code Categories for SIC 0132

For business marketing and targeting, SIC Codes have been extended to provide more specific classifications within SIC Code 0132 – Tobacco. Extended SIC Codes are being continuously updated to reflect the current business environment.

6-digit SIC

  • 013201 Tobacco Growers
  • 013202 Tobacco Plants

7-digit SIC

  • 0132001 Tobacco Growers
  • 0132001 Tobacco Plants

8-digit SIC

  • 01320000 Tobacco