How To Read a SIC Code?

SIC codes can be two digits, four digits, and even six, seven, and eight digits. The first two digits identify the major industry. For example, the code range from 20-39 represent manufacturing SIC Codes. The SIC Code 20 is the code for Food and Kindred Product Manufacturing (a specific type of manufacturer). Now, within SIC code 20, there are many types of Food Manufacturers. Therefore, the code is extended out to 4 digits to encompass Meat, Dairy, Canned Foods, Grain Mills, Bakery Products, etc.

Business Targeting

For business targeting and B2B marketing, SIC codes are extended out even further to six, seven, or eight digits depending on the database. Please note that eight digits is not more specific than six. It simply represents one level extended out from four digits.

Example: SIC Code 201103 - Sausage Makers

  • 20 represents Food and Kindred Product Manufacturing (General)
  • 201 represents Meat Products (More Specific)
  • 2011 - Meat Packing Plants (More Specific)
  • 201103 - Sausage Makers (Most Specific)