SIC Code Business List: Most Common Questions

Here are the most common questions when purchasing a SIC Code business list.

Q: Can I exclude chains from a business list?

A: Yes, there is a filter to exclude franchises, chains, and branch company locations.

Q: Can I only include private companies?

A: Yes, there is an option to include all business types, only public companies, or only private companies.

Q: Do you have lists for public companies?

A: Yes, we can provide lists for public companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq.

Q: Do you have lists for non-profit companies?

A: Yes, SIC Code 839990 is specifically for Non-Profits.

Q: Can we exclude small companies from a list?

A: Yes, there are options to customize lists by employee count and sales volume ranges.

Q: I only want leads with email contacts. Is that possible?

A: Yes, we can set up your list as an email list and only include leads with emails.

Q: Can I build a business list within a specific radius?

A: Yes, we can extend a radius around a ZIP Code to encompass specific business types and leads within that area.

Q: Can I build a business list by specific ZIP Codes?

A: Yes, we can enter a list of ZIP Codes into the list builder to customize a list a specific area.

Q: Do you have lists for only companies with URL websites?

A: Yes, we can build lists that only include companies that have URL websites.

Q: Can I only include companies that have been classified in a SIC Code as their Primary Line of Business?

A: Yes, we customize lists to include companies classified by their primary line of business.

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