ISIC Code J - Information And Communication


This section includes the production and distribution of information and cultural products, the provision of the means to transmit or distribute these products, as well as data or communications, information technology activities and the processing of data and other information service activities.

The main components of this section are publishing activities (ISIC Code - 58), including software publishing, motion picture and sound recording activities (ISIC Code - 59), radio and TV broadcasting and programming activities (ISIC Code - 60), telecommunications activities (ISIC Code - 61) and information technology activities (ISIC Code - 62) and other information service activities (ISIC Code - 63).

Publishing includes the acquisition of copyrights to content (information products) and making this content available to the general public by engaging in (or arranging for) the reproduction and distribution of this content in various forms. All the feasible forms of publishing (in print, electronic or audio form, on the internet, as multimedia products such as CD-ROM reference books etc.) are included in this section.

Activities related to production and distribution of TV programming span ISIC Code - 59, 60 and ISIC Code - 61, reflecting different stages in this process. Individual components, such as movies, television series etc. are produced by activities in ISIC Code - 59, while the creation of a complete television channel programme, from components produced in ISIC Code - 59 or other components (such as live news programming) is included in ISIC Code - 60. ISIC Code - 60 also includes the broadcasting of this programme by the producer. The distribution of the complete television programme by third parties, i.e. without any alteration of the content, is included in ISIC Code - 61. This distribution in ISIC Code - 61 can be done through broadcasting, satellite or cable systems.