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NAICS Code 238910-20 Description (8-Digit)

Hot Shot Service is a subdivision of Site Preparation Contractors industry that involves the transportation of time-sensitive and urgent cargo. This industry is responsible for delivering goods that require immediate attention and fast delivery. Hot Shot Service is a reliable and efficient way to transport goods that need to be delivered quickly and safely. This industry is highly competitive and requires a high level of professionalism and expertise to ensure that the cargo is delivered on time and in good condition.

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Tools commonly used in the Hot Shot Service industry for day-to-day tasks and operations.

  • Pickup trucks
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Cargo vans
  • Gooseneck trailers
  • Fifth-wheel trailers
  • GPS tracking systems
  • Load securement equipment
  • Tarps and straps
  • Hand trucks
  • Pallet jacks
  • Fuel transfer tanks
  • Air compressors
  • Tire repair kits
  • First aid kits
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Flashlights
  • Reflective vests
  • Safety cones
  • Toolboxes
  • Chains and binders

Industry Examples of Hot Shot Service

Common products and services typical of NAICS Code 238910-20, illustrating the main business activities and contributions to the market.

  • Oilfield equipment
  • Construction materials
  • Automotive parts
  • Medical supplies
  • Industrial machinery
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • HVAC equipment
  • Plumbing supplies
  • Livestock feed

Certifications, Compliance and Licenses for NAICS Code 238910-20 - Hot Shot Service

The specific certifications, permits, licenses, and regulatory compliance requirements within the United States for this industry.

  • Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HME): This endorsement is required for drivers who transport hazardous materials. The endorsement is issued by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and requires a background check and fingerprinting.
  • Commercial Driver's License (CDL): A CDL is required for drivers who operate vehicles with a gross weight of 26,001 pounds or more, or who transport hazardous materials. The license is issued by the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Regulations: The FMCSA regulates the safety of commercial motor vehicles and their drivers. Compliance with FMCSA regulations is required for all commercial motor carriers.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Regulations: OSHA sets and enforces safety standards for the workplace. Compliance with OSHA regulations is required for all employers.
  • National Safety Council (NSC) Defensive Driving Course: This course teaches drivers how to avoid accidents and drive defensively. Completion of the course can lead to lower insurance rates and improved driving skills.


A concise historical narrative of NAICS Code 238910-20 covering global milestones and recent developments within the United States.

  • Hot Shot Service is a sub-industry of Site Preparation Contractors, which has been around for centuries. The earliest form of site preparation was done by hand, using simple tools like shovels and picks. As technology advanced, so did the industry, with the introduction of heavy machinery like bulldozers and excavators. In recent years, the industry has seen a shift towards more specialized services, like Hot Shot Service, which provides expedited delivery of small loads. This has been made possible by advances in logistics technology, which allow for more efficient routing and tracking of deliveries. In the United States, Hot Shot Service has seen significant growth in recent years, due in part to the rise of e-commerce and the need for faster delivery times. The industry has also benefited from the growth of the oil and gas industry, which requires expedited delivery of equipment and supplies to remote locations. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has remained resilient, with many companies adapting to the new normal by implementing contactless delivery and other safety measures.

Future Outlook for Hot Shot Service

The anticipated future trajectory of the NAICS 238910-20 industry in the USA, offering insights into potential trends, innovations, and challenges expected to shape its landscape.

  • Growth Prediction: Growing

    The Hot Shot Service industry in the USA is expected to experience steady growth in the coming years. The industry is projected to benefit from the increasing demand for oil and gas exploration and production activities, which will require the transportation of equipment and materials to remote locations. Additionally, the growth of the construction industry and the need for the transportation of construction materials and equipment will also drive demand for Hot Shot Services. However, the industry may face challenges such as rising fuel costs, increased competition, and regulatory changes. Overall, the Hot Shot Service industry is expected to remain an essential part of the transportation and logistics sector in the USA.

Industry Innovations for NAICS Code 238910-20

Recent groundbreaking advancements and milestones in the Hot Shot Service industry, reflecting notable innovations that have reshaped its landscape.

  • Use of GPS technology to track and monitor shipments in real-time, providing customers with accurate delivery times and locations.
  • Adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles to reduce carbon emissions and improve fuel efficiency.
  • Integration of blockchain technology to enhance supply chain transparency and security.
  • Implementation of automated dispatch systems to optimize route planning and reduce delivery times.
  • Use of drones for remote deliveries to hard-to-reach locations.

NAICS Code 238910-20 - Hot Shot Service

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