SIC Code 8733 Noncommercial Research Organizations




Establishments primarily engaged in performing noncommercial research into and dissemination of, information for public health, education, or general welfare. Establishments included here operate primarily on funds from endowments, contributions, and grants. The research is frequently contracted out and funded by these establishments.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in commercial physical and biological research are classified in industry 8731, and those engaged in commercial economic, sociological, and educational research are classified in industry 8732.

Illustrative Examples

Archeological expeditions, biological research, noncommercial economic research: educational research, noncommercial medical research, noncommercial physical research, research noncommercial, scientific research noncommercial, sociological research noncommercial.

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 873301Archaeologists
  • 873302Geothermal Exploration
  • 873303Foundation-educ Philanthropic Research
  • 873304Medical Research
  • 873305Historical Research
  • 873306Observatories
  • 873307Government-noncommercial Research Orgs
  • 873308Cryonic Services
  • 873309Psychic Scientific Research Centers
  • 873310Pharmaceutical Information
  • 873311Paleontologists
  • 873312Cancer Research Centers
  • 873313Pet Cloning

7-digit SIC

  • 8733001Noncommercial Research Organizations
  • 8733002Medical Research
  • 8733003Research Institute
  • 8733004Scientific Research
  • 8733005Foundation-education Philanthropic Research
  • 8733006Noncommercial Social Research Organization
  • 8733007Archaeologists
  • 8733008Noncommercial Biotechnical Research Organization
  • 8733009Noncommercial Biological Research Organization
  • 8733010Noncommercial Physical Research Organization
  • 8733011Noncommercial Economic Research Organization
  • 8733012Noncommercial Safety Research Organization
  • 8733013Bacteriological Research
  • 8733014Geothermal Exploration
  • 8733015Historical Research
  • 8733016Observatories
  • 8733017Government-noncommercial Research Orgs
  • 8733018Cryonic Services
  • 8733019Psychic Scientific Research Centers
  • 8733020Pharmaceutical Information
  • 8733021Paleontologists
  • 8733022Cancer Research Centers
  • 8733023Pet Cloning

8-digit SIC

  • 87330000Noncommercial Research Organizations
  • 87330100Noncommercial Biological Research Organization
  • 87330101Bacteriological Research
  • 87330102Biotechnical Research, Noncommercial
  • 87330103Medical Research
  • 87330200Noncommercial Social Research Organization
  • 87330201Archeological Expeditions
  • 87330202Economic Research, Noncommercial
  • 87330203Educational Research Agency
  • 87339901Physical Research, Noncommercial
  • 87339902Research Institute
  • 87339903Safety Research, Noncommercial
  • 87339904Scientific Research Agency