SIC Code 8361 Residential Care




Establishments primarily engaged in the provision of residential social and personal care for children, the aged, and special categories of persons with some limits on ability for self-care, but where medical care is not a major element. included are establishments providing 24-hour year-round care for children.

Cross References

Boarding schools providing elementary and secondary education are classified in industry 8211. Establishments primarily engaged in providing nursing and health-related personal care are classified in industry group 805.

Illustrative Examples

Alcoholism rehabilitation centers, residential: with health, boys' towns, children's boarding homes, children's homes, children's villages, drug rehabilitation centers, residential: with health care incidental group, foster homes halfway group homes for persons with social or personal problems halfway homes for delinquents and offenders homes for children, with health care incidental homes for destitute men and women, homes for the aged, with health care incidental, homes for the deaf or blind, with health care incidental homes for the emotionally disturbed, with health care incidental, homes for the mentally handicapped, with health care incidental, homes for the physically handicapped, with health care incidental, juvenile correctional homes, old soldiers' homes, orphanages rehabilitation centers, residential: with health care incidental rest homes, with health care incidental self-help group homes for persons with social or personal problems, training schools for delinquents.

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 836101Senior Citizens Service Organizations
  • 836102Homes-adult
  • 836103Homes-cognitive Disability-dev Disabled
  • 836104Homes-children
  • 836105Residential Care Homes
  • 836106Blind Institutions
  • 836107Sheltered Care Homes
  • 836108Adult Congregate Living Facilities
  • 836109Foster Care
  • 836110Retirement & Life Care Cmnty/homes Info
  • 836111Homes-maternity
  • 836112Homes-boys
  • 836113Community Care Facilities-adult Care
  • 836114Senior Citizens Housing
  • 836115Shelters For Battered Women
  • 836116Group Homes
  • 836117Juvenile Detention Centers
  • 836118Childrens Nursing & Rehabilitation Ctrs
  • 836119Youth Homes
  • 836120Homes-battered Persons
  • 836121Homes-blind
  • 836122Orphanages
  • 836123Homes For The Handicapped
  • 836124Homes-girls
  • 836125Homes-women
  • 836126Halfway House
  • 836198Residential Care

7-digit SIC

  • 8361001Residential Care
  • 8361002Residential Care-children
  • 8361003Geriatric Residential Care
  • 8361004Residential Care For Elderly
  • 8361005Foster Care
  • 8361006Residential Care For The Handicapped
  • 8361007Residential Rehabilitation Care
  • 8361008Halfway Group Home For Persons With Social Or Personal Problems
  • 8361009Homes-children
  • 8361010Retarded Home
  • 8361011Incidental Health Care Rest Home
  • 8361012Group Homes
  • 8361013Physically Handicapped Home
  • 8361014Emotionally Disturbed Home
  • 8361015Juvenile Detention Centers
  • 8361016Juvenile Correctional Home
  • 8361017Halfway House
  • 8361018Orphanages
  • 8361019Destitute Home
  • 8361020Deaf Or Blind Home
  • 8361021Boys Towns
  • 8361022Childrens Boarding Home
  • 8361023Residential Care Homes
  • 8361024Senior Citizens Services Organizations
  • 8361025Training School For Delinquents
  • 8361026Homes-adult
  • 8361027Old Soldiers Home
  • 8361028Homes-cognitive Disability-development Disabled
  • 8361029Blind Institutions
  • 8361030Sheltered Care Homes
  • 8361031Adult Congregate Living Facilities
  • 8361032Retirement & Life Care Community/homes Info
  • 8361033Homes-maternity
  • 8361034Homes-boys
  • 8361035Community Care Facilities-adult Care
  • 8361036Senior Citizens Housing
  • 8361037Shelters For Battered Women
  • 8361038Childrens Nursing & Rehabilitation Ctrs
  • 8361039Youth Homes
  • 8361040Homes-battered Persons
  • 8361041Homes-blind
  • 8361042Homes For The Handicapped
  • 8361043Homes-girls
  • 8361044Homes-women

8-digit SIC

  • 83610000Residential Care
  • 83610100Residential Care For Children
  • 83610101Boys' Towns
  • 83610102Children's Boarding Home
  • 83610103Children's Home
  • 83610104Children's Villages
  • 83610105Group Foster Home
  • 83610106Orphanage
  • 83610200Juvenile Correctional Facilities
  • 83610201Halfway Home For Delinquents And Offenders
  • 83610202Juvenile Correctional Home
  • 83610203Training School For Delinquents
  • 83610300Residential Care For The Handicapped
  • 83610301Deaf Or Blind Home
  • 83610302Mentally Handicapped Home
  • 83610303Physically Handicapped Home
  • 83610304Retarded Home
  • 83610400Geriatric Residential Care
  • 83610401Aged Home
  • 83610402Old Soldiers' Home
  • 83610403Rest Home, With Health Care Incidental
  • 83619901Destitute Home
  • 83619902Emotionally Disturbed Home
  • 83619903Halfway Group Home, Persons With Social Or Personal Problems
  • 83619904Rehabilitation Center, Residential: Health Care Incidental
  • 83619905Self-help Group Home