SIC Code 8059 Nursing and Personal Care Facilities, not elsewhere classified




Establishments primarily engaged in providing some nursing and/or health-related care to patients who do not require the degree of care and treatment that a skilled or intermediate care facility is designed to provide. Patients in these facilities, because of their mental or physical condition, require some nursing care, including the administering of medications and treatments or the supervision of self-administered medications in accordance with a physician's orders.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in providing day-to-day personal care without supervision of the delivery of health services prescribed by a physician are classified in Industry 8361.

Illustrative Examples

Convalescent homes for psychiatric patients, with health care, Convalescent homes with health care, Domiciliary care with health care, Homes for the mentally retarded with health care, Personal care facilities with health care, Personal care homes with health care, Psychiatric patient's convalescent homes, Rest homes with health care

USA List Sample

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 805901Rest Homes
  • 805902Convalescent Homes
  • 805903Adult Care Facilities
  • 805904Retirement Communities & Homes
  • 805905Health Facilities
  • 805906Homes & Institutions
  • 805907Nursing Home Services
  • 805908Hospices
  • 805909Personal Care Homes
  • 805910Homes-invalid
  • 805911Homes-personal Care Facility
  • 805912Custodial Homes
  • 805913Life Care Communities
  • 805915Independent Living Services For Disabled
  • 805916Gerontologists
  • 805917Long Term Care Facility
  • 805999Nursing & Personal Care Nec

7-digit SIC

  • 8059001Nursing & Personal Care Nec
  • 8059002Convalescent Homes
  • 8059003Domiciliary Care
  • 8059004Home For The Mentally Handicapped
  • 8059005Nursing Home Services
  • 8059006Homes-personal Care Facility
  • 8059007Rest Homes
  • 8059008Adult Care Facilities
  • 8059009Retirement Communities & Homes
  • 8059010Health Facilities
  • 8059011Homes & Institutions
  • 8059012Hospices
  • 8059013Homes-invalid
  • 8059014Custodial Homes
  • 8059015Life Care Communities
  • 8059016Independent Living Services For Disabled
  • 8059017Gerontologists
  • 8059018Long Term Care Facility

8-digit SIC

  • 80590000Nursing And Personal Care, Nec
  • 80599901Convalescent Home
  • 80599902Domiciliary Care
  • 80599903Home For The Mentally Retarded, Ex. Skilled Or Intermediate
  • 80599904Nursing Home, Except Skilled And Intermediate Care Facility
  • 80599905Personal Care Home, With Health Care
  • 80599906Rest Home, With Health Care