SIC Code 7819 Services Allied to Motion Picture Production




Establishments primarily engaged in performing services independent of motion picture production, but allied thereto, such as motion picture film processing, editing, and titling; casting bureaus; wardrobe and studio property rental; television tape services; motion picture and video tape reproduction; and stock footage film libraries.

Illustrative Examples

Casting bureaus, motion picture, Developing and printing of commercial motion picture film, Directors, motion picture: independent Editing of motion picture film, Film libraries, stock footage, Film processing, motion picture Laboratories, motion picture, Motion picture consultants, Motion picture reproduction, Rental of motion picture equipment, Studio property rental for motion picture film production, Television tape services (e.g., editing and transfers), Titling of motion picture film, Video tape or disk reproduction, Wardrobe rental for motion picture film production

USA List Sample

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 781901Video Tape Editing
  • 781902Video Tape Duplication Service
  • 781903Studio Rental
  • 781904Motion Picture Film-editing
  • 781905Motion Picture Consultants
  • 781906Motion Picture Representatives
  • 781907Motion Picture Laboratories
  • 781908Audio-visual Consultants
  • 781909Motion Picture Special Effects
  • 781910Sound System Consultants
  • 781911Motion Picture Location Service
  • 781912Television Program Producers-svcs/supls
  • 781913Casting Directors
  • 781914Motion Picture Research Service
  • 781915Motion Picture Technicians
  • 781916Closed Captioning Service
  • 781917Motion Picture Casting
  • 781918Motion Picture Servicing
  • 781919Titling Service-tv & Motion Picture
  • 781920Motion Picture Film-edit Fclts-renting
  • 781921Motion Picture Film-music Scoring
  • 781922Motion Picture Film-inspctn-cleaning/etc
  • 781923Sound Effect Libraries
  • 781924Motion Picture Screening Rooms
  • 781925Computer Animation
  • 781998Services Allied To Motion Pictures

7-digit SIC

  • 7819001Services Allied To Motion Pictures
  • 7819002Video Tape Duplication Services
  • 7819003Motion Picture Sound Effects & Music Production
  • 7819004Motion Picture Processing, Editing & Titling
  • 7819005Studio Rental
  • 7819006Motion Picture Film-editing
  • 7819007Visual Effects Production
  • 7819008Freelance Cameraman
  • 7819009Motion Picture Equipment Rental
  • 7819010Motion Picture Consultants
  • 7819011Tv Tape Services
  • 7819012Motion Picture Equipment & Prop Rental
  • 7819013Motion Picture Independent Directors
  • 7819014Motion Picture Casting
  • 7819015Motion Pictures Reproduction Services
  • 7819016Personnel Services , Motion Picture Production
  • 7819017Video Tape Editing
  • 7819018Motion Picture Representatives
  • 7819019Employment Agencies, Motion Picture
  • 7819020Film Library, Stock Footage
  • 7819021Audio-visual Consultants
  • 7819022Wardrobe Rental For Motion Picture Film Production
  • 7819023Motion Picture Special Effects
  • 7819024Developing & Laboratory Services , Motion Picture
  • 7819025Sound System Consultants
  • 7819026Motion Picture Location Services
  • 7819027Developing & Printing Of Commercial Motion Picture Film
  • 7819028Television Program Producers-servicess/supplies
  • 7819029Motion Picture Laboratories
  • 7819030Casting Directors
  • 7819031Motion Picture Research Services
  • 7819032Motion Picture Technicians
  • 7819033Closed Captioning Services
  • 7819034Motion Picture Servicing
  • 7819035Titling Services -tv & Motion Picture
  • 7819036Motion Picture Film-edit Facilities-renting
  • 7819037Motion Picture Film-music Scoring
  • 7819038Motion Picture Film-inspection-cleaning/etc
  • 7819039Sound Effect Libraries
  • 7819040Motion Picture Screening Rooms
  • 7819041Computer Animation

8-digit SIC

  • 78190000Services Allied To Motion Pictures
  • 78190100Personnel Services, Motion Picture Production
  • 78190101Cameraman, Freelance
  • 78190102Casting Bureau, Motion Picture
  • 78190103Consultants, Motion Picture
  • 78190104Directors, Independent: Motion Picture
  • 78190105Employment Agencies, Motion Picture
  • 78190200Reproduction Services, Motion Picture Production
  • 78190201Video Tape Or Disk Reproduction
  • 78190300Editing Services, Motion Picture Production
  • 78190301Film Processing, Editing, And Titling: Motion Picture
  • 78190302Tv Tape Services: Editing, Transfers, Etc.
  • 78190400Equipment And Prop Rental, Motion Picture Production
  • 78190401Equipment Rental, Motion Picture
  • 78190402Film Library, Stock Footage
  • 78190403Studio Property Rental, Motion Picture
  • 78190404Wardrobe Rental For Motion Picture Film Production
  • 78190500Developing And Laboratory Services, Motion Picture
  • 78190501Developing And Printing Of Commercial Motion Picture Film
  • 78190502Laboratory Service, Motion Picture
  • 78199901Sound Effects And Music Production, Motion Picture
  • 78199902Visual Effects Production