SIC Code 7382 Security Systems Services




Establishments primarily engaged in monitoring and maintaining security systems devices, such as burglar and fire alarms. Establishments of this industry may sell or lease and install the security systems which they monitor and maintain.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in the sales and installation, or installation only, of such devices are classified in construction, industry 1731.

Illustrative Examples

Burglar alarm monitoring and maintenance, fire alarm monitoring and maintenance, security systems devices, burglar and fire alarm: monitoring.

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 738201Card Key Systems
  • 738202Security Systems
  • 738203Burglar Alarm Systems-monitoring
  • 738204Security Systs-communications/computer
  • 738205Sprinkler Supervisory Service
  • 738206Video Equipment-security & Ind Systems
  • 738207Watchmen's Equipment & Systems
  • 738208Bank Protective Equipment
  • 738209Door Look-outs
  • 738210Access Panels
  • 738211Warning Systems
  • 738212Sensors
  • 738213Remote Sensing Analysis
  • 738214Lock Boxes
  • 738215House Arrest Svc
  • 738216Installation/monitoring-security Systems

7-digit SIC

  • 7382001Security Systems
  • 7382002Burglar Alarm Systems-monitoring
  • 7382003Security Protective Devices
  • 7382004Fire Alarm Maintenance & Monitoring
  • 7382005Confinement Surveillance Systems Maintenance & Monitoring
  • 7382006Card Key Systems
  • 7382007Security Systems-communications/computer
  • 7382008Sprinkler Supervisory Services
  • 7382009Video Equipment-security & Industrial Systems
  • 7382010Watchmen's Equipment & Systems
  • 7382011Bank Protective Equipment
  • 7382012Door Look-outs
  • 7382013Access Panels
  • 7382014Warning Systems
  • 7382015Sensors
  • 7382016Remote Sensing Analysis
  • 7382017Lock Boxes
  • 7382018House Arrest Services
  • 7382019Installation/monitoring-security Systems

8-digit SIC

  • 73820000Security Systems Services
  • 73829901Burglar Alarm Maintenance And Monitoring
  • 73829902Fire Alarm Maintenance And Monitoring
  • 73829903Protective Devices, Security
  • 73829904Confinement Surveillance Systems Maintenance And Monitoring
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