SIC Code 7216 Drycleaning Plants, except Rug Cleaning




Establishments primarily engaged in drycleaning or dyeing apparel and household fabrics other than rugs.

Cross References

Press shops and agents for drycleaners are classified in industry 7212; establishments primarily engaged in cleaning rugs are classified in industry 7217; and establishments primarily engaged in dyeing fabrics for the trade are classified in manufacturing, major group 22.

Illustrative Examples

Cleaning and dyeing plants, collecting and distributing agencies operated by cleaning plants, drapery drycleaning plants ,drycleaning plants

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 721601Dyers
  • 721602Drapery & Curtain Cleaners
  • 721603Cleaners Wholesale
  • 721604Cleaners & Dyers Wholesale
  • 721698Drycleaning Plants-except Rug

7-digit SIC

  • 7216001Dry-cleaning Plants (except Rug)
  • 7216002Cleaners & Dyers Wholesale
  • 7216003Dry-cleaning Collecting & Distributing Agency
  • 7216004Drapery & Curtain Cleaners
  • 7216005Dyers
  • 7216006Cleaners Wholesale

8-digit SIC

  • 72160000Drycleaning Plants, Except Rugs
  • 72169901Cleaning And Dyeing, Except Rugs
  • 72169902Drapery, Curtain Drycleaning
  • 72169903Drycleaning Collecting And Distributing Agency
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