SIC Code 6159 Miscellaneous Business Credit Institutions


Finance, Insurance, Real Estate


Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing intermediate or long-term general and industrial credit, including the finance leasing of automobiles, trucks, and machinery and equipment. Included in this industry are private establishments primarily engaged in extending agricultural credit.

Cross References

Federal and federally-sponsored credit agencies primarily engaged in extending agricultural credit are classified in Industry 6111. Establishments primarily engaged in other types of leasing of passenger cars and trucks are classified in Industry Group 751.

Illustrative Examples

Agricultural loan companies, Automobile finance leasing, Credit institutions, agricultural, Farm mortgage companies, Finance leasing of equipment and vehicles, General and industrial loan institutions, Intermediate investment "banks", Investment companies, small business, Livestock loan companies, Loan institutions, general and industrial, Machinery and equipment finance leasing, Pari-mutuel totalizator equipment finance leasing and maintenance, Production credit association, agricultural, Truck finance leasing

USA List Sample

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 615901Loans-agricultural
  • 615902Church Financing
  • 615903Commercial Paper
  • 615904Housing-loans & Development
  • 615998Miscellaneous Leasing Companies
  • 615999Misc Business Credit Institutions

7-digit SIC

  • 6159001Misc Business Credit Institutions
  • 6159002General & Industrial Loan Institutions
  • 6159003Machinery & Equipment Finance Leasing
  • 6159004Equipment & Vehicle Finance Leasing Companies
  • 6159005Small Business Investment Companies
  • 6159006Automobile Finance Leasing
  • 6159007Agricultural Credit Institutions
  • 6159008Loans-agricultural
  • 6159009Farm Mortgage Companies
  • 6159010Vehicle Finance Leasing (except Automobiles & Trucks)
  • 6159011Agricultural Production Credit Association
  • 6159012Truck Finance Leasing
  • 6159013Intermediate Investment Banks
  • 6159014Church Financing
  • 6159015Livestock Loan Companies
  • 6159016Commercial Paper
  • 6159017Pari-mutuel Totalizator Equipment Finance Leasing & Maintenance
  • 6159018Housing-loans & Development
  • 6159019Miscellaneous Leasing Companies

8-digit SIC

  • 61590000Miscellaneous Business Credit Institutions
  • 61590100Agricultural Credit Institutions
  • 61590101Agricultural Loan Companies
  • 61590102Farm Mortgage Companies
  • 61590103Livestock Loan Companies
  • 61590104Production Credit Association, Agricultural
  • 61590200Equipment And Vehicle Finance Leasing Companies
  • 61590201Automobile Finance Leasing
  • 61590202Finance Leasing, Vehicles: Except Automobiles And Trucks
  • 61590203Machinery And Equipment Finance Leasing
  • 61590204Pari-mutuel Totalizator Equipment Finance Leasing And Maint.
  • 61590205Truck Finance Leasing
  • 61599901General And Industrial Loan Institutions
  • 61599902Intermediate Investment Banks
  • 61599903Small Business Investment Companies