SIC Code 5961 Catalog and Mail-Order Houses


Retail Trade


Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of products by television, catalog, and mail-order. These establishments do not ordinarily maintain stock for sale on the premises.

Cross References

Separate stores operated by catalog and mail-order houses for the retail sale of products on the premises are classified according to the product sold.

Illustrative Examples

  • Book clubs - not publishing books mail-order-retail, catalog (order taking) offices of mail-order houses-retail, cheese - mail-order-retail, coins - mail-order-retail, computer and peripheral equipment - mail-order-retail, computer software, mail-order-retail, food - mail-order-retail, fruit - mail-order-retail, jewelry - mail-order-retail, magazines - mail-order-retail, mail-order houses-retail (not including retail outlets), novelty merchandise mail-order-retail, order taking offices of mail-order houses-retail, record clubs mail-order-retail, stamps mail-order-retail, television mail-order (home shopping)-retail.

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 596101Catalog Showrooms
  • 596102Internet & Catalog Shopping
  • 596103Mail Order Fulfillment Service
  • 596104E-commerce
  • 596105Mail Order-food
  • 596106Internet Selling Services

7-digit SIC

  • 5961001Catalog & Mail-order Houses
  • 5961002Mail Order-food
  • 5961003Mail Order Fruit
  • 5961004Mail Order Computer Equipment & Electronics
  • 5961005Mail Order Computer Software
  • 5961006Mail Order Computers & Peripheral Equipment
  • 5961007Mail Order Electronic Kits & Parts
  • 5961008Book & Record Clubs
  • 5961009Mail Order Book Club
  • 5961010Mail Order Magazines
  • 5961011Mail Order Music Or Video Clubs
  • 5961012Mail Order Stamps & Coins & Other Collectibles
  • 5961013Mail Order Collectibles & Antiques
  • 5961014Mail Order Stamps
  • 5961015Mail Order Arts & Crafts Equipment & Supplies
  • 5961016Mail Order Automobile Supplies & Equipment
  • 5961017Mail Order Books (except Book Clubs)
  • 5961018Mail Order Cards
  • 5961019Catalog Sales
  • 5961020Mail Order Clothing (except Women's Apparel)
  • 5961021Mail Order Cosmetics & Perfumes
  • 5961022Mail Order Educational Supplies & Equipment
  • 5961023Fishing, Hunting & Camping Equipment & Supplies By Mail
  • 5961024Mail Order Fitness & Sporting Goods
  • 5961025Mail Order Flowers & Plants
  • 5961026Mail Order Furniture & Furnishings
  • 5961027Mail Order For General Merchandise
  • 5961028Mail Order Gift Items
  • 5961029Mail Order Jewelry
  • 5961030Mail Order House
  • 5961031Mail Order Pharmaceuticals
  • 5961032Mail Order Women's Apparel
  • 5961033Mail Order Novelty Merchandise
  • 5961034Mail Order Toys & Games
  • 5961035Electronic Shopping
  • 5961036Mail Order Tools & Hardware
  • 5961037Office For Mail Orders
  • 5961038Religious Mail Order Supplies
  • 5961039Coins Mail Orders
  • 5961040Cheese, Mail Order
  • 5961041Catalog Showrooms
  • 5961042Television, Home Shopping
  • 5961043Internet & Catalog Shopping
  • 5961044Mail Order Fulfillment Services
  • 5961045Electronic Auctions
  • 5961046E-commerce
  • 5961047Internet Selling Services

8-digit SIC

  • 59610000Catalog And Mail-order Houses
  • 59610100Food, Mail Order
  • 59610101Cheese, Mail Order
  • 59610102Fruit, Mail Order
  • 59610200Computer Equipment And Electronics, Mail Order
  • 59610201Computer Software, Mail Order
  • 59610202Computers And Peripheral Equipment, Mail Order
  • 59610203Electronic Kits And Parts, Mail Order
  • 59610300Book And Record Clubs
  • 59610301Book Club, Mail Order
  • 59610302Magazines, Mail Order
  • 59610303Record And/or Tape (music Or Video) Club, Mail Order
  • 59610400Stamps, Coins, And Other Collectibles, Mail Order
  • 59610401Coins, Mail Order
  • 59610402Collectibles And Antiques, Mail Order
  • 59610403Stamps, Mail Order
  • 59619901Arts And Crafts Equipment And Supplies, Mail Order
  • 59619902Automotive Supplies And Equipment, Mail Order
  • 59619903Books, Mail Order (except Book Clubs)
  • 59619904Cards, Mail Order
  • 59619905Catalog Sales
  • 59619906Clothing, Mail Order (except Women's)
  • 59619907Cosmetics And Perfumes, Mail Order
  • 59619908Educational Supplies And Equipment, Mail Order
  • 59619909Fishing, Hunting And Camping Equipment And Supplies: By Mail
  • 59619910Fitness And Sporting Goods, Mail Order
  • 59619911Flowers, Plants And Bulbs: Mail Order
  • 59619912Furniture And Furnishings, Mail Order
  • 59619913General Merchandise, Mail Order
  • 59619914Gift Items, Mail Order
  • 59619915Jewelry, Mail Order
  • 59619916Mail Order House, Nec
  • 59619917Mail Order House, Order Taking Office Only
  • 59619918Novelty Merchandise, Mail Order
  • 59619919Religious Merchandise, Mail Order
  • 59619920Television, Home Shopping
  • 59619921Tools And Hardware, Mail Order
  • 59619922Toys And Games (including Dolls And Models), Mail Order
  • 59619923Women's Apparel, Mail Order
  • 59619924Pharmaceuticals, Mail Order
  • 59619925Electronic Shopping
  • 59619926Electronic Auctions
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