SIC Code 5154 Livestock


Wholesale Trade


Establishments primarily engaged in buying and/or marketing cattle, hogs, sheep, and goats. This industry also includes the operation of livestock auction markets.

Illustrative Examples

Auctioning livestock-wholesale, Cattle-wholesale, Goats-wholesale, Hogs-wholesale, Livestock-wholesale, Sheep-wholesale

Sales Leads Database Sample

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 515401Livestock Buyers Wholesale
  • 515402Livestock Auction Markets Wholesale
  • 515403Livestock-dealers (wholesale)
  • 515404Livestock Commission Wholesale
  • 515405Livestock Appraisers Wholesale
  • 515406Cattle Companies Wholesale

7-digit SIC

  • 5154001Livestock-dealers Wholesale
  • 5154002Cattle Wholesale
  • 5154003Auctioning Livestock Wholesale
  • 5154004Hogs Wholesale
  • 5154005Sheep Wholesale
  • 5154006Goats Wholesale
  • 5154007Livestock Buyers Wholesale
  • 5154008Livestock Auction Markets Wholesale
  • 5154009Livestock Commission Wholesale
  • 5154010Livestock Appraisers Wholesale
  • 5154011Cattle Companies Wholesale

8-digit SIC

  • 51540000Livestock
  • 51549901Auctioning Livestock
  • 51549902Cattle
  • 51549903Goats
  • 51549904Hogs
  • 51549905Sheep