SIC Code 5153 Grain and Field Beans


Wholesale Trade


Establishments primarily engaged in buying and/or marketing grain (such as corn, wheat, oats, barley, and unpolished rice); dry beans; soybeans, and other inedible beans. Country grain elevators primarily engaged in buying or receiving grain from farmers are included, as well as terminal elevators and other merchants marketing grain.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of field and garden seeds are classified in Industry 5191.

Illustrative Examples

Barley-wholesale, Beans, dry: bulk-wholesale, Beans, inedible-wholesale, Beans, unshelled-wholesale, Corn-wholesale, Grain elevators-wholesale, Grain-wholesale, Oats-wholesale, Rice, unpolished-wholesale, Soybeans-wholesale, Wheat-wholesale

Reference Marketing Leads

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 515301Grain-dealers (wholesale)
  • 515302Grain Brokers Wholesale
  • 515303Grain Exchanges Wholesale
  • 515304Bean Brokers & Dealers Wholesale
  • 515305Seeds-warehouse Wholesale

7-digit SIC

  • 5153001Grain-dealers Wholesale
  • 5153002Grain Elevators
  • 5153003Corn Wholesale
  • 5153004Wheat Wholesale
  • 5153005Soybeans Wholesale
  • 5153006Field Beans Wholesale
  • 5153007Oats Wholesale
  • 5153008Barley Wholesale
  • 5153009Dry Bulk Beans Wholesale
  • 5153010Rice, Unpolished
  • 5153011Wild Rice
  • 5153012Grain Exchanges Wholesale
  • 5153013Beans, Inedible
  • 5153014Beans, Unshelled
  • 5153015Seeds-warehouse Wholesale

8-digit SIC

  • 51530000Grain And Field Beans
  • 51530100Grains
  • 51530101Barley
  • 51530102Corn
  • 51530103Oats
  • 51530104Rice, Unpolished
  • 51530105Wheat
  • 51530106Wild Rice
  • 51530200Field Beans
  • 51530201Beans, Dry: Bulk
  • 51530202Beans, Inedible
  • 51530203Beans, Unshelled
  • 51530204Soybeans
  • 51539901Grain Elevators