SIC Code 5143 Dairy Products, except Dried or Canned


Wholesale Trade


Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of dairy products, such as butter, cheese, ice cream and ices, and fluid milk and cream.

Cross References

This industry does not include establishments primarily engaged in pasteurizing and bottling milk, which are classified in Manufacturing, Industry Group 202. Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of dried or canned dairy products are classified in Industry 5149.

Illustrative Examples

Butter-wholesale, Cheese-wholesale, Cream stations-wholesale, Dairy depots-wholesale, Dairy products -wholesale, Frozen dairy desserts-wholesale, Ice cream and ices-wholesale, Milk and cream, fluid-wholesale, Milk cooling stations, operated by farm assemblers Milk depots-wholesale, Yogurt-wholesale

Reference Marketing Leads

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 514301Cheese Wholesale
  • 514302Butter (wholesale)
  • 514303Dairy Products Wholesale
  • 514304Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts-distr Wholesale
  • 514305Ice Cream Mixes (wholesale)
  • 514306Yogurt Wholesale
  • 514307Milk Buyers Wholesale
  • 514308Cheese-importing (wholesale)

7-digit SIC

  • 5143001Dairy Products Wholesale
  • 5143002Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts-distribution Wholesale
  • 5143003Cheese Wholesale
  • 5143004Milk Wholesale
  • 5143005Yogurt Wholesale
  • 5143006Fluid Milk & Cream Wholesale
  • 5143007Frozen Dairy Desserts Wholesale
  • 5143008Butter Wholesale
  • 5143009Milk Cooling Stations
  • 5143010Milk Depot
  • 5143011Ice Cream Mixes Wholesale
  • 5143012Dairy Depot
  • 5143013Milk Buyers Wholesale
  • 5143014Cheese-importing Wholesale

8-digit SIC

  • 51430000Dairy Products, Except Dried Or Canned
  • 51430100Milk
  • 51430101Milk And Cream, Fluid
  • 51430102Milk Cooling Stations
  • 51430103Milk Depot
  • 51439901Butter
  • 51439902Cheese
  • 51439903Dairy Depot
  • 51439904Frozen Dairy Desserts
  • 51439905Ice Cream And Ices
  • 51439906Yogurt