SIC Code 4832 Radio Broadcasting Stations


Transportation & Public Utilities


Establishments primarily engaged in broadcasting aural programs by radio to the public. Included in this industry are commercial, religious, educational, and other radio stations. Also included here are establishments primarily engaged in radio broadcasting and which produce radio program materials.

Cross References

Separate establishments primarily engaged in producing radio program materials are classified in Services, Industry 7922.

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Radio broadcasting stations

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 483201Radio Stations & Broadcasting Companies
  • 483202Government-radio Broadcasting Stations
  • 483203Broadcasting Companies

7-digit SIC

  • 4832001Radio Stations & Broadcasting Companies
  • 4832002Sports Radio Stations
  • 4832003Educational Radio Stations
  • 4832004Religious Radio Stations
  • 4832005Rock Radio Stations
  • 4832006News Radio Stations
  • 4832007Gospel Radio Stations
  • 4832008Talk Radio Stations
  • 4832009Country Radio Stations
  • 4832010Contemporary Radio Stations
  • 4832011Big Band Radio Stations
  • 4832012Ethnic Radio Stations
  • 4832013Jazz Radio Stations
  • 4832014Easy Listening Radio Stations
  • 4832015Classical Radio Stations
  • 4832016Government-radio Broadcasting Stations
  • 4832017Broadcasting Companies
  • 4832018Rhythm & Blues
  • 4832019Radio Broadcasting Stations (except Music Format)

8-digit SIC

  • 48320000Radio Broadcasting Stations
  • 48320100Radio Broadcasting Stations, Music Format
  • 48320101Big Band
  • 48320102Classical
  • 48320103Contemporary
  • 48320104Country
  • 48320105Easy Listening
  • 48320106Gospel
  • 48320107Jazz
  • 48320108Rhythm And Blues
  • 48320109Rock
  • 48320200Radio Broadcasting Stations, Except Music Format
  • 48320201Educational
  • 48320202News
  • 48320203Religious
  • 48320204Sports
  • 48320205Talk
  • 48329901Ethnic Programming
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